Kitchen Composting

I have not been sponsored to write this post, this is my own personal experience and venture with organic gardening, consult a professional if you have any questions or concerns.

     Composting has always been a great way for my family to make free-organic-safe fertilizer for our garden beds. Using kitchen scraps from fruits and vegetables adds important nutrients to flower and vegetable plants. Some of my favorite items to compost are: Coffee grounds, egg shells, banana peels, lettuce, and any other fruit and vegetable scraps.
     When thinking about compostable foods, remember that most cooked items and processed foods, meat and dairy will attract unwanted visitors to your garden. There's nothing like having a bear or raccoon wreck your compost bin to remind humans that pancakes are not compost!
     Composting in the winter is easy for us. No fruit flies or bugs are around to bother food scraps. I typically keep compost in a bowl and empty it daily into the compost bin, worm bin or right into the garden. Unfortunately this type of storage is open to pests like flies.
     It wasn't until we got our cat about a year ago that I found an amazing kitchen container. I think Tidy Cats company was thinking of repurposing their container when they invented it, because it not only makes a great kitchen compost holder, but it also is a great little garbage can or recycle container. I bought this container specifically for this purpose!

     I may never totally irradiate fruit flies that try to invade our kitchen compost, but this will help keep a lid on things (haha) and makes taking compost outside easy and convenient. Do you compost?


Michelle Tamasa said...

It is perfect! That handle looks super handy, just dump it right over!!

Kelly Faber said...

This will work! :) My husband just got a compost for outside for his birthday! It's awesome! ...Way to reuse the kitty litter ;)

Candace Suarez said...

Such a great idea, I must try it!