Packing for the Hospital; What to Pack for the Birth of Baby

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A Peek into Planning, Preparing, and Packing!
      I'm due in a few weeks with our 4th son and wrote this post when packing for my 3rd. I am determined to be packed and ready. Choosing the items I will take to my son's birth is very important to me and I have thought a lot about what to take. I was unprepared for the birth of our 1st son and found myself stuck in the hospital for 5 days! I packed for 2 days...and had not planned for a c-section, or his 24/7 stay under the UV lights for a high biliruben. With the birth of our 2nd baby I was more prepared. Even though I was fortunate to have a VBAC and stay 48 hours, I was packed and ready for anything (things don't always go as planned). This time, I want to share my experience and knowledge with other Moms! You may not need every item I'm packing here, but this list should definitely get your wheels turning and doing some educated packing for the hospital or birth center.


     First order of business was finding a worthy suitcase! Look at this amazing deal I found at TJMaxx! You can see the $280 msrp on the price tag, and my fantastic clearance price of $54 minus the $25 giftcard I had. I avoided the stress of finding a suitcase to borrow for this venture and am so happy to get my packing on early.If you already have a suitcase, large bag or other means of packing. Make sure to take it out and start getting ready ahead of time.

     Bathing is going to happen. Some Moms like to shower while in labor, I took a shower shortly after and knew I would need personal care products. Working in health care, I am aware of the toiletries given out at hospitals. Every patient gets the same plastic pink basin, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, and several other items that you would only want to use in absolute desperation. Taking items that I use every day at home with me is a huge comfort. After going through the birth process it's so nice to to have small comforts from home in an uncomfortable hospital room. Zipper bags are pictured here to hold items and prevent spillage onto my clothes. After delivery and rest time, our hospital has showers right in the maternity rooms. They have horrible wooden benches that no Mom would want to sit on after delivering a baby! Ouch. Plan, be prepared, be happy.

Items include:
1. Q-tips. If you like to dry your ears after a shower you'll need to take your own q-tips.
2. Face wash
3. Contact lens case and solution/glasses and case
4. Face/eye lotion
5. Deodorant
6. Baby wash (unless you want to use the J & J that may be provided at your hospital) I'm taking baby Dr. Bronner's Baby Castile soap
7. Moisturizer for baby, I have coconut oil (can also double as nipple cream)
8. Makeup bag (see below)
9. Body lotion for Mama
10. Soap and/or body wash for Mama, I'm taking my Earth Mama Angel Baby Grapefruit Ginger Wash.
11. Toothbrush and toothpaste
12. Hair ties and clips if needed
13. Shampoo and Conditioner
14. Hair styling tool
15. Hair product; I'm taking Yes to Carrots anti-frizz cream
Remember, these will be the first photos of you with your baby, take what you need to look as presentable as you desire. Go all out glam, or all natural 'I just had a baby'.
     Unless you plan on staying in a hospital gown for your whole visit, you will want to take some pajamas and other clothing items with you. I was allowed to change into my own clothes within hours after delivery. These items may include:

16. Nursing pajamas
17. Nursing bras; shop for and try on nursing bras towards the end of pregnancy to get the best fit. I'm taking the Essential Embrace by Bravado.
18. Underwear (the hospital provided gigantic pads and a mesh pair of underwear for over them)
19. Socks (keep feet warm when sleeping)
20. Flip flops for the shower/slippers
21. Outfit to wear home, including shoes!
     Not only do you not want to step on a hospital shower floor with bare feet, but flip flops can double as slippers too. In Pennsylvania finding flip flops in November is a feat! I was thrilled to learn that Old Navy carries a selection of flip flops year round!! They were even 2/$5. Bring comfortable clothes, keep in mind that it will take awhile for your baby bump to go down, so maternity items will still probably fit well.

        If you're planning on breastfeeding, a nursing pillow is one item that you will put to use right away. Getting baby in a good position and level with your breast will help to ensure a proper latch and comfortable position for Mama and baby. In the early days/weeks I learned that it was common for baby to nurse for long periods of time, and was normal and healthy. My first pillow didn't get baby high enough and I was hunched over nursing resulting in a sore back. I liked this fantastic Breastfeeding pillow from Born Free and all the different positioning options for the first few weeks, and I'm also a big fan of the Gia pillow which is more narrow and worked better for me as baby got bigger. 

    At our local hospital, every baby is given the same pink and blue blanket with matching hat, white thermal t-shirt, and pampers disposable diaper. If you want to help others identify your baby in the nursery, or dress him/her up for photos, or just to put the items you lovingly choose in the months preceding birth...then you need to pack for baby too!!

22. Outfits for baby, if you can find ones with the hand-covers built in great! Don't forget hats.
23. Hand covers to prevent his/her little face from being scratched (if they're not already on your NB outfits)
24. SwaddleMes and blankets, and or baby carrier
26. Temperature appropriate outfit for baby to wear home
27.  Cloth diapers if you plan on starting in the hospital
28. Carseat! (You actually can't leave without this one)
29. Electronics; cell phone, computer, ipad, video camera. Any device you will need to document your little one and share! Plus their chargers. Don't forget the chargers.
30. Pillow/blanket from home, many hospital rooms don't have temperatures you can individually adjust.
31. Food
32. Supplies for your spouse or birth partner
33. Gifts/bonding items for other siblings.
34. Baby Carrier! In lieu of carrying baby around in the hospital, if you plan on being on foot you may want to bring your wrap or soft structured carrier along too. 

If you're getting ready to welcome a little one into your family, Congratulations! I hope my packing experience has sparked some thought and helped you on your way. If your hospital doesn't have you on file, you may need insurance cards, paperwork, birth plan, drivers license or ID. Pr-registering has been a wonderful option for us. It has allowed us to head straight for the maternity ward and go to our room, bypassing the registration desk!  Can you think of anything I forgot?


Eyad TheUsedCarGuru said...

GREAT BLOG!! You will be ready this time for sure!

Shera said...

This is a great blog post to keep for future reference. Packing lists are always helpful.

Faith Hope Cherrytea said...

thorough and thoughtful - well done!
stopping in frm moms small victories

Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Very thorough list. I had to have my own comfy pj's and slippers and my own snacks. Thanks for sharing with #SmallVictoriesSundaylinky. Hope you link up again this week!

Anel Winney said...

As a soon to be FTM, I really appreciate such a thorough list! I've been so busy getting everything ready for the baby, I didn't even think about bringing stuff for me! I am at 31 weeks now and I should start coming up with a game plan. Thank you for the great list!!

katie miller said...

This is a great list and after seeing lists that contain most of these things I agree that these are the essentials. I loved having everything I needed in one spot but the thing I didn't have was a suitcase! Great idea because we had multiple trips to make to the car because we brought a few diaper bags to store everything in.

Wendy Jabkowski said...

I was surprised how many things they had for you at the hospital that I thought I needed to bring especially toiletries though it is nice to have your regular stuff.

Jessie Hughes said...

Thanks for the great list! Bookmarked the page for reference :) I'm due March 28, need to pack soon!

Angela said...

I'm all packed and it seems like so much stuff! But we have to bring our own sheets/towels to the birth centre AND I'm preparing things in case we end up in hospital for any reason as well. Looks like a one week trip. lol

Christa said...

Chapstick. Bring all the chapstick. So. Much. Chapstick.