Is Breastfeeding Safe During Pregnancy?

     Breastfeeding is recommended by the World Health Organization for at least two years of baby's life. While conceiving while breastfeeding may take some tips and tricks, you may soon find yourself expecting and breastfeeding. How do you continue to breastfeed during pregnancy? Is it safe for baby? Are there risks?

Have You Been Tekhnified?

Tekhnify - to add a Tekhni woven wrap or wrap scrap to a person, object or other item, immediately making it more aesthetically pleasing, emotionally enjoyable and increasing it's awesome factor. "I think I'm going to spend the afternoon Tekhnifying everything in my home." Here are a few Uses:

  • Tekhnified - as in "My SSC used to be plain until I had it Tekhnified by a local WAHM with these amazing Pax Delta suck pads." or "Mama, you need to get yourself Tekhnified, here let me introduce you to the Talk about Tekhni facebook fan group."
  • Tekhnification - as in "I dream of the Tekhnification of my carseats, they're hideous." or "I'm not crazy about this sewing pattern, but with a little tekhnification I'm sure it will be amazing!"
  •  Tekhnifies -  as in "What does your wife do for fun? Oh, she tekhnifies baby stuffed animals, teethers, name it, she can Tekhnify it!
  • Tekhnifying - as in "I won't be able to run errands today, I'm tekhnifying our local babywearing meet."  
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I've Never Been So Happy to See a Bee

     As a Nursing Mom, I spend much of my breastfeeding time watching Hulu and Amazon documentaries. Lately, I'm hooked on Organic Gardening and Bee Episodes. While the health of Mother Earth isn't making news Headlines the way Bruce Jenner's gender transformation is, we are in serious environmental trouble. I've been educating myself online, watching educational programs and reading everything I can get my hands on. I'll give you a little synopsis of what I'm learning.

Dog Dies During Grooming at Petco; Tips for Finding a Quality Groomer

     As a pet owner and animal lover, it saddens me to see preventible incidents like this in the headlines. When we leave our dog in a professional's care, we expect that they will be cared for and pampered...not left to die.

Medela Freestyle Giveaway USA ends July 14th, 2015

Welcome to the Medela Freestyle Pump Giveaway sponsored by Medela and hosted by The Pistachio Project.

Ardo Calypso Double Plus Breastpump Giveaway $200 arv USA ends 7/3

     Ardo is a Switzerland based company that actively supports breastfeeding world-wide.  Their products are WHO Code Compliant,  BPA free and made of materials that are certified for quality and safety.  The Calypso Double Plus Breast Pump  has a sleek design, is portable and super quiet!  It offers a closed system, which keeps germs from invading the tubes and pumping mechanism. It has a variety of flanges and provides the user with 64 settings to give you optimum comfort while pumping. You can find more specifics in the review by Latched On Mom HERE.

Babybjorn Travel Crib Giveaway and Huge Amazon Sale open to USA ends 6/28

Jungle Roo Pocket Diaper and Insert USA ends 6/30

Prenatal Making You Gag? The Perfect Prenatal Vitamin Gag-Free

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I received product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     I've been taking prenatal vitamins for over 5 years for pregnancy, breastfeeding or both. I started taking one when I planned on conceiving my first son and haven't stopped. I think I've tried them all. I've taken prescription vitamins, samples from my OB's office, over the counter vitamins, things I ordered online and finally found the perfect product. New Chapter Prenatal multivitamins have to be the best vitamin for Pregnant and Nursing moms available. It's a "whole food" vitamin that can even be taken on an empty stomach. Packed with a huge list of quality ingredients that go beyond traditional vitamin supplements, once you see what's inside I know you'll agree. 

Pretty Pushers Transition Gown Giveaway $104 ARV USA ends 6/30

     Welcome to the Pretty Pushers Transition Gown Giveaway! If this is your first baby, or your fourth, considering what to wear during maternity, delivery and post partum is probably on your mind. This dress offers all 3. It has features that allow it to be worn during pregnancy, and has many features that allow it to be used during delivery and for post partum care. The belly opens up for fetal monitoring, the halter top ties and gives easy skin-to-skin and breastfeeding access, and the back completely un-snaps to allow for epidural access if desired. The Pretty Pushers Transition Gown is a great way to feel pretty while delivery baby! Certainly beats the giant worn-out blue hospital gown I've delivered in before! Thanks for stopping by and good luck.

Pretty Pushers Transition Gown Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I received a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     As I plan for the arrival of baby 4 labor and delivery are always in my thoughts. As a 2 x vaginal birth after caesarian champ (VBAC), I am planning for VBAC #3. One thing that bothered me for my last 3 deliveries was the hospital gown. Let's face it, they're one-size fits everyone...and are supposed to be appropriate for 5'4" me and the 6'3" guy on another floor. In addition to being designed to resemble a circus tent, they're hideous. I was watching a comedian and he asked...why would my wife want to give birth in a gown that someone died in yesterday? Truth..right?

Dear Hubby; If Something Happens to Me....Here's What to Do With My Wraps!!

Dear Hubby;

     While neither of us want to consider the possibility of something happening to the event that something should...there are a few things you should know...About my baby carriers! At the doctor's office today they asked "Do you have a living will?" I answered "No." I'm a healthy Mom and never considered making out a will. I give everything I can to my babies and have few valuable possessions. Then I thought - WAIT - what about my my baby carriers??!!

What's in RLR for Clothdiapers?

     I received a packet of RLR in my Cutie Booty Box a few months ago. I have seen it recommended for dingy and or stinky diapers multiple times and couldn't wait to give it a try. It worked great! I soaked our cloth diapers in the bath tub and couldn't believe how brown the water was. I wondered what magic could be in the packet. When I turned the package around to see...there were no ingredients listed. I checked Amazon, the company's website and googled on the internet. I remembered my days as a cashier and thought...there has to be an MSDS sheet! I searched online and found sheets for many of their other products, but not for RLR. I decided to avoid using the product until I knew exactly what I was dealing with. What if my kids got into it?! Two e-mails, three phone calls and a few weeks later I received the MSDS sheet from the company.

Tekhni Petradi Heather Review

     I have been fortunate when it comes to wraps. I have had the opportunity to try many brands, feel and wrap with different patterns, styes and I really enjoy the whole process. However, I find myself comparing all wraps to Tekhni. "This isn't as wide as my Tekhni wraps, this one isn't as supportive, this doesn't have the depth of color that other wraps do." So as it would turn out, I love Tekhni. I am really excited to share Tekhni Petradi Heather with you. It's a 100% Mercerized cotton, Made in France beautiful lightweight (218.24 g/m2) supportive wrap. It has character and sheen that make it complex and eye catching. Here are some photos:

Pregnancy; The Second Trimester; How Many Times Did I Pee Today?!

     Pregnancy the second trimester. Whew, what a relief! Making it to the second trimester is cause for celebration. In the second trimester the risk of miscarriage goes down super low, most of my nausea has subsided and I'm looking towards delivery. I got to hear baby's heartbeat at my last OB appointment and the smell of chicken no longer makes me want to puke. In my first pregnancy I was very nauseated for 16 weeks, in the last three (including this one), reaching 13 weeks has nearly been the end of nausea. Despite the fact that mind numbing heartburn hasn't accompanied this pregnancy, nausea certainly has! In addition to feeling some relief, I find myself peeing...a lot. It's really a huge interruption! I pee at night, constantly during the day and I really don't think I drink that much liquid! Here are more second trimester highlights:

Sewing Your Own Cloth Diapers; Magnum Cloth Diaper Pattern

     Ever consider sewing cloth diapers? I've often considered it, but didn't know where to start. I know local fabric stores, even Walmart, carry PUL and other cloth diaper materials. But how would I shape it, the layers, inserts etc? I'm thrilled to share a cloth diaper pattern from Opulent Monsters for an All in one (AIO), All in two (AI2) and Pocket diaper. This pattern runs just $12 and even has options for snaps and aplix.
     Ever purchase a work at home Mom (WAHM) diaper and wish you had the pattern for your own use? This is it! This pattern has been tried and tested and is now for sale for personal use. In addition to the cloth diaper pattern, it includes information about the best elastic to use, tips and tricks and offers a facebook group for chatter and to help you through the sewing process.

Spectra S2 Breast Pump Giveaway Open to USA ends 6/30

Welcome to the Spectra S2 Breast Pump Giveaway!

Hosted By: Ramblings of Mama
Sponsored By: Spectra Baby USA

The Spectra S2 Breast Pump is a double pump with a hospital grade, closed system unit that provides a uniquely individual pumping experience for you. The Spectra S2 has an extremely quiet motor, with a letdown (massage) mode to help maximize your breast milk output. It also has hospital grade vacuum, with an extremely comfortable cycle that doesn't rip your nips! There is no other pump like this on the market. It's extremely affordable and ideal for moms of preemies, exclusive pumpers, or just the mom that needs a quality pump.

Tips for Taking Baby to the Beach

     Summer is here! Many families are taking advantage of warm weather and longer days by planning vacations. Weather your trip is long or short, there's a good chance sun and sand are in your future. When traveling with little one there are many things to consider; Special supplies are needed to prepare for everything from sunburn to sand in unpleasant locations. Here are some tips for taking little ones to the beach, especially baby!

10 Things Every Mom of Boys Should Know

     As a Mom to all boys I often find myself laughing. Before I had children I was told that Boys have definite characteristics Moms need to be prepared for, and this is certainly true with mine! I often hear, "Your boys are boy's boys" and I'm so happy they are! While some days I'm shaking my head, like when my toddler tried to hang from the chandelier...pulling it out of the ceiling, most days we're having pure fun. Here are 10 things every Mom to boys needs to know! From a Mom of all boys:

  1. The right place to dig for good worms. The kind that you can hold in your hand.
  2. How to carefully pick up worms and bugs. How long to keep them before demonstrating a humane release.
  3. The art of a good playful wrestle. 
  4. The difference between Autobots, Decepticons and Rescuebots. 
  5. What a Brontosaurs eats for breakfast, and other fun curious questions that arise.
  6. The precise sound a helicopter or airplane makes when delivering lunch on a spoon.
  7. How to select T-shirts, boxers or briefs, little suits with vests and pants with those elastic adjustable bands inside the waist.
  8. Which pots and pans make the best drums.
  9. How to snuggle like champion snuggler because boys love to cuddle!
  10. The best way to preserve dandelion flower bouquets, robot drawings and spaghetti kisses.
     As Moms we will hold these moments in our hearts forever. In a flash these baby boys will be grown into Men who won't remember bubble baths that turned into small floods, waking up with Buzz Lightyear next to your pillow and playing spaceship landing with a generously sized brown box. While I'll remember pretending that I know how to throw a football the right way, my boys climbing in with the animals at the petting zoo, and bicycle races in the drive way...I hope my boys remember all the love I have for them and always will.

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Breastfeeding Disaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, it is based on my personal experience at the park.

     My family looked forward to vacationing in Virginia for months. Living in a much chillier Northern state, dreaming of warm weather, sand and of course our planned trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA was really exciting. With my husband and I, our 3 small children, Grandma and Pop, my brother and SIL and their 3 small children we certainly had a full crew and an exciting trip ahead.
     My children are huge Sesame Street fans! The park's Sesame Street themed section was our main reason for choosing this location. This trip was not only designed to be fun for everyone, but with an upcoming surgery for my 2 year old showing him a fun filled summer was at the top of our priority list. We were excited to visit Bush Gardens Williamsburg VA an see all the Sesame Street rides, characters and attractions and make happy memories.
     As a breastfeeding Mom to two babies, my 5 month old and 2 year old, I didn't worry about finding a location to breastfeed at Busch Gardens because it was designed for small children. Obviously they would have nursing Moms and families in mind, right?! Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
     When it came time to nurse my baby and toddler, I was beyond thrilled to learn that the park had a Nursing room. We could get out of the sun, change diapers, breastfeed and get everyone back to the park as soon as possible. I left my family group and took my two youngest children over to the nursing room (you can see the door next to the garbage can in the photo here). The nursing room is next to the Women's and Men's bathrooms.

$65 Diaper Junction Giftcard Giveaway Open to USA ends 6/23

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Tekhni Aplos Review

     We had the opportunity to host this traveling 100% cotton blueberry Aplos wrap from Tekhni. What's a traveling wrap? It's a wrap that visits Moms around the country for a short time, usually a week or so, then is shipped off to the next babywearing parent. It's one thing to shop for a wrap's a whole separate experience to actually feel the fabric between your fingers and wrap with it. So travelers are a great way to experience different wraps for just the cost of shipping.
     I took some photos and want to share our experience with you. We had this wrap for 1-week in the very very cold of winter. This review is a combo of photos outside (you can see natural light) that I took dressed like an Eskimo...and indoor photos with my tripod in less then ideal lighting. Have a look! I wish I had more time. I often recommend this woven to Moms looking for a quality budget woven wrap that comes from a great company. It's very supportive and at just under $100 for every size, it can fit every budget!

10 Things Never to Say to a Pregnant Woman

     Expecting our 4th baby, I think I've heard it all! I'm not sure why, but people feel the need to say something to pregnant women. Friends, family...complete and total strangers...the weird guy next to me in line at the grocery store. "Are you going to breastfeed?" The list goes on and on! Here's a short list of 10 things to Never say to a pregnant woman, and suggestions if you are searching to say something.

Pregnancy Must Have's; Fairhaven Health Pregnancy Bundle

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     As I enter the 8th week of my 4th pregnancy, I feel like an old pro. A nauseated, sea sick dizzy old pro with heartburn and the persistent feeling that I just finished a marathon. Upon learning that I was pregnant, I began thinking about the items that would help me carry this baby comfortably. Forty weeks is a long time and I like to be prepared. This Pregnancy Bundle from Fairhaven health has everything I'm looking for! It has natural versions of products I've used in previous pregnancies, great ingredients and a Mom minded approach. Products include loose leaf pregnancy tea, a mesh tea ball, belly butter, chewable preg ease tablets and sitting pretty bottom spray.

Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Induction

     Natural labor and delivery seem to be less and less common these days. While many Moms are doing home births and natural labors at birthing centers, most are under surgical care in hospitals and clinics. Unfortunately, this medical approach to possibly the most natural occurence ever has created sky rocketing c-section rates and low breastfeeding success in the USA. It often involves induction, starting labor before the body is ready, and c-section, major surgery to remove baby from a woman's body.
     While these procedures where designed to be used in no-other-option situations, they have turned into common place practice. I have two December babies and while I accepted an induction, which lead to a c-section, with my first (and horribly regret it) I knew to refuse when I was offered with my 3rd. My OB said "Do you want to be induced so you can be home for Christmas?" No. No. No. Here are my top 10 reasons to avoid Induction and let baby come when he/she is ready.

Tekhni Wrap Scrap Babywearing Shops

     If you love Tekhni woven wraps then I know you'll love Tekhni Wrap Scrap items. What are wrap scrap items? Precious fabric scraps are left over when wraps are initially sewn, chopped, or converted. These scraps are sought after and transformed by very crafty hands! Artists make everything from dolls and stuffies to keychains. Here is a great list of independent wrap scrap shops that make Tekhni Woven Wrap scrap items. Some items are in stock, others go in a flash and some are custom orders. Make sure to look through Past items by clicking on "Sales" in the etsy shops and message shop owners if you want to order something.

Great Gifts for Fathers; Woodie Specs Watch Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review however the opinions are my own. These are my photos of the product sample. This post contains affiliate links.

     I'm always looking for great gifts for the Men in my life. I want something useful that also conveys my gratitude and love. Watches are always a go-to for me. I know a watch will be used every day and when they check the time they'll be reminded of the really cool gift I got them. Great right?! In the past I've purchased metal watches, watches with pictures on the face, leather strap watches and was really excited to discover wood watches from Woodie Specs. This Natural Red Sandalwood watch sits proudly on my hubby's wrist (he's my product tester!) and is both lightweight and has a bold generous size. It's always noticed by others and makes a great conversation piece. Come check it out, I took a bunch of photos!

Great Gifts for Fathers; Beardbrand Minimalists

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. The photos here are of the actual sample I received. 

     Shopping for the men in my life is difficult. I ask them"What do you want for Father's Day, Birthday, etc?" Unfortunately the answers I get are far from specific and I have to guess. One of my favorite gifts are self-care items. I love purchasing grooming products because they will get used up and I can buy them again and again! That makes for easy shopping, right?! I'm excited to try this Beardbrand Minimalist kit with Beard Oil and Beard/Mustache Wax. Made in the USA in Spokane WA, there is something for every beard.