Stripping Cloth Diapers

     When I first heard about stripping cloth diapers I pictured a dancing diaper. Later, when I developed ammonia in my cloth diapers I knew it was time to look into this practice. So, what is stripping cloth diapers? Basically something is in your diapers that shouldn't be there. A build up can occur from many sources, and while the topic continues to be debated in the cloth community, I know what has personally occurred and worked for me. There are several sources of unwanted gunk in cloth diapers and different ways to remove it.

Tips for Wearing a Menstrual Cup While Swimming

     My first time using a menstrual cup was on vacation. I needed to go swimming in a pool and on the beach. I wasn't sure how to use a menstrual cup, or what to expect in the water. I looked out at the beach and thought there might be sharks, and feared the worst. Luckily, a cup is a great way to swim all month long, uninterrupted by nature. However, unlike a tampon, a cup is even better for swimming because it will not absorb water and the whole cup is hidden. Here are some tips for using a menstrual cup while swimming!

MommyCon DC Tickets and Bummis AIO Giveaway ends 7/14

     Sometimes I feel like a Mom island. Not at MommyCon! What's MommyCon? It's an event full of all things Mom and baby. There are events throughout the USA and MommyCon DC is quickly approaching! The event will be full of fun, babywearing, cloth diapers and lots of new products to see and feel. The MommyCon DC Schedule is full of so many wonderful things. Where is MommyCon DC? It's Located at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Plaza, Washington DC, doors will open at 9:00 AM Saturday July 23rd for general admission. If you have purchased VIP passes, the fun begins Friday July 22nd!

Using a Menstrual Cup for the First Time

     Using a Menstrual Cup for the First Time was a bit scary for me. I wasn't sure how to use a menstrual cup and was full of worries. I was worried it would fly out at an inappropriate time, get stuck, be messy and be painful. However, I am determined to master cup use and increase my reusable menstrual product arsenal to include both cups and reusable menstrual pads. I have been ready, with my Cups, and was just waiting for my cycle. My family was planning a vacation and I took them along just in case. Turns out, Aunt Flow wanted to go to the beach too! I had my first cup use experience via hotel, beach and out on the boardwalk. I learned how to use a menstrual cup for swimming and I'm convinced that if I can do it in this setting, anyone can! Here's my experience, some tips, words of encouragement and advice:

Humbird Hybrid Fitted Giveaway ends 7/4 open Worldwide

     Do you love fitted cloth diapers? They're one of my favorite styles! A Fitted cloth diaper, unlike a pocket or shell, is entirely absorbent. These are great for heavy wetters, extended diaper wearing and night time use. As part of the Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop my prize is a Hybrid Fitted Diaper from Humbird! Enter to win this worldwide prize, and others, below! Good luck and thanks for stopping by:

1st Birthday Bash Giveaway over $1500 in Prizes ends 7/10


     Let's all wish Conservamom's 5.0 a Happy 1st Birthday! Her baby is turning a year old and to celebrate she's brought together some of the best brands out there to celebrate. Check out these amazing items! These are the brands she loves and here kids love using ! TWO lucky winners will have the chance to win a fanatic Prize pack each! Check out the prizes below and possibly some affiliate links so you can check these items out:

LILLEbaby Essentials Hood Hack

     I love our LILLEbaby Essentials carrier! Now that LILLEbaby's at Target, these can be in the hands, and hearts, of many more families! It's an amazing price for the quality. However, as my baby continues to grow, I've noticed that I can't quite stretch the hood over his head comfortably. Unlike our Lillebaby Complete carrier, that totes a higher price tag, this hood has elastic loops to hold up the sleep hood instead of snaps. His long torso plus my short torso means his head is pressed to my chest when I stretch it over. When we went for a walk the other day, I was carrying him in front and he fell asleep. As I tried to stretch the hood over his head I noticed that it was a bit tight. I had a hair tie on my wrist and quickly adjusted it to fit comfortably! I not keep the carrier like this and it's perfect! Here's how I did it:

UpCycled Winter to Spring Wreath

     I was looking for a great Spring Wreath. I shopped in-store, online and just about everywhere I could think of. Most of the wreaths were overpriced and small. I found some for over $40 that were the size of a large dinner plate! In addition, they didn't look well made and were scant. I knew I could do better. When Easter was over, I was left with a bunch of plastic eggs. I thought about saving them until next year but decided to turn them into something else. With an old Christmas wreath I had in the garage, I created a Spring Wreath that still sits on my door! It's easy to see from the road, the dark green background makes the eggs pop and it was FREE! Woohoo, right?! Here's how it was made:

Must Have Items for Post-Partum Lady Part Care

     After my children were born, I was given a list of items for post-partum vaginal care from the Hospital. Four babies later, I know that there are other products out there that are amazing to have after delivery. Taking good care of your VaJayJay after delivery can help speed up recovery time, ease discomfort and overall make post-partum time more pleasant. My top items are below and I hope you can find something to help you too!

Caring For Your VaJayJay After Baby: Post-Partum Vaginal Care

     My first birth was an Induction/C-section. I put the slash between those two words because I've come to learn that a c-section often accompanies an Induction, and this was the case for me. I had both a C-section to care for and my VaJayJay. It was rough. I was thrilled when I had my first VBAC, but also had an episotomy, and then two more vaginal births. Surprisingly, no one really spoke with me about vaginal aftercare. I mean, an entire human being came out of my VaJayJay, you would think someone would have told me how to care for it! I learned, after 4 babies, that there are some helpful products from the Hospital, and there are some products no one tells you about! Let's talk about Post-Partum Vaginal Aftercare!

Wrapsody Breeze Baby Wrap Giveaway open to USA ends 7/10

     A Baby wrap is one of the most versatile ways to wear your baby. Woven wraps are long, narrow strips of woven cloth made from various textiles that offer different qualities on wrapping a child to their caregiver's body. A wrap holds baby close to his Mom or Dad, provides support to all areas of the body and keeps baby content. One lucky USA winner will win a Wrapsody Breeze Baby Wrap that's light weight and great for hot weather. Details below.

Angry Birds Cupcakes

     Do you love Angry Birds too? We're huge fans and the new Angry Birds Movie has us very excited about the new product releases. I decided to have an Angry Birds Birthday Party for my family. I wanted to share these really fun Organic Angry Birds Cupcakes with you. Made with dye-free buttercream icing, adaptations for dairy-free are included. They were easy to make, fun and a huge hit. We even bought Angry Birds Balloons and the Angry Birds Cupcake toppers from my affiliate Amazon and had plates to match our color theme. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do!

Get Back to Your Pre-Pregnancy Body Never


    Maybe it's one too many online ads, solicitations from people selling weight loss products or one too many open-mouthed fools. While I was pregnant, the talk about returning to my pre-pregnancy body started. "Don't gain too much weight, it will take longer to get back to your pre-pregnancy body." Perhaps it's one too many Moms bragging about fitting into their Pre-Pregnancy clothing weeks after giving birth, or messages in my inbox about getting a flat stomach, a boob lift after breastfeeding or a wrap treatment to my "problem areas." In case you were unaware, I'm PROUD of my body. It grew, birthed and now breastfeeds my baby. Because it obviously needs to be said...PISS OFF!

     Can I get a shout out from all the Proud Moms out there? The Moms who realize that having our stomach's stretched out to carry a baby is a miracle. Moms who aren't trying to turn back the clock, jump into a time machine or get-rid of their muffin top in record time. I have had 4 babies. While my body is not as large as it was when I was Pregnant...I will pre-pregnancy again. I've had a baby! High-five to you if you have too, and thank your body, respect the work it has done and be proud of the life you have brought into this world. -Mama Banana's Adventures. 

2016 Holiday Gift Guide Now Accepting Submissions

     This year Mama Banana's Adventures is creating the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide featuring Family Friendly Products! As the Mom to 4 boys, and a product reviewer, my family is very experienced in finding the best items to share with our readers. We are accepting submissions for features including Gifts for Mom, Dad, kids, baby and even the Dog and Cat. 2016 Gift Guide Submissions are Open!

Feature Benefits Include:
  • Increase product visibility
  • Reach a target audience
  • Individual Posts for Reviews
    • Product Minimum $50 and up. 
  • Individual Sponsored Post Features
    • Please Contact for Rates
  • Inclusion in Guide Roundup
  • Tweeted During promotion Daily on Twitter to over 10,200
  • Inclusion in Holiday Guide Pinterest Board with Individual Graphic
  • Giveaways with Multi-Blogger Events available
  • Availability for Separate Best Holiday Cloth Diaper Roundup Post
     List will be featured on my website featuring product links, links to places to purchase items and in a side-bar graphic. Please contact, spots are limited and list will be ready for feature throughout November and right up until the year end. Thank you!

SnuggyBaby $35 GC Giveaway open to USA ends 6/25

     SnuggyBaby makes wonderful cloth diapers and baby carriers that are  proudly made in the USA with American materials. Each product is CPSCIA compliant and their carriers are approved by ASTM standards. Without a doubt SnuggyBaby is a brand you will fall in love with. Enter to win a $35 GC to their website below and good luck!


LILLEbaby and Tula at Target

     Everyone should have a great baby carrier. I love that both Tula baby carriers and LILLEbaby carriers are sold by Target! This news means that these fantastic brands are accessible to all, not just those who can shop at small boutiques and online. While the largest selection is online, these are showing up in stores across the country! How awesome is that?! While some babywearing parents are not fans because they enjoyed a more limited and exclusive feel to the brands, they will still be producing varying prints and exclusives that are not yet available by the big box store. I'm very excited, aren't you? This means that these carriers can go on baby registries, get purchased with gift cards and help more Target shoppers #WearAllTheBabies !! Check out some of the styles, at great prices, from my affiliate links below!

Best 5 DEET Free Natural Insect Repellants

     It's that time of year! Kids are playing outside and bugs are biting. I like to use a spray-on bug repellent to keep mosquitoes and ticks away from my kids. However, after reading about the impact of DEET on children and the environment, I don't want to use it on my family. While doing things like keeping arms and legs covered, removing clothing and washing when we come inside and taking baths helps with ticks and other biting insects, we still need something for outside. Here is my list of natural bug repellents for kids, DEET-free insect repllents and my affiliate links for Amazon so you can find them ready to ship! I searched for the best natural insect repellants for my kids. We have tried several and want to share out list with you.

Baby Italia Hamilton Crib Conversion Kit Discontinued

     When searching for a crib, we selected the Baby Italia Hamilton Crib from Babies-R-Us. I didn't know at the time, but I should have purchased the conversion kit at the same time. While zero of my children spent one night in the crib, it would be more valuable to me as a bed. When we went to convert it to a full-sized bed, I was disappointed to learn that the crib and it's conversion kits have been discontinued and it can not be converted. We purchased a metal frame and full sized mattress and bolted the bed to it, however it is a poor fit. If you can find a Baby Italia Hamilton Conversion Kit, I suggest purchasing it! I have yet to find somewhere with the item and wish I purchased it from the start.

$75 PinkBlush Maternity Giftcard Giveaway USA/Ca ends 6/25

     Finding stylish and comfortable maternity clothes can be tough. Luckily, PinkBlush Maternity is definitely a go-to if you're looking for trendy maternity clothing.  They offer high quality, super comfortable, fashionable maternity apparel in sizes XS-3X! Want to see some of these clothes in action and enter to win a $75 GC? Check out the giveaway below!

Tula Flora Blue Print Giveaway open to USA ends 6/26

     The benefits to babyweraing are numerous and there are many ways do to wear baby. Many Moms, and Dads, wear year round and even babywear during pregnancy. Tula Baby Carriers have become one of the most popular products out there. They are very popular among soft structured carrier brands and well known for their patterns and wrap conversions. With gorgeous colors,prints and designs, as well as amazing features it's no surprise! Because of their popularity,getting certain prints can be almost impossible! Check out some of the features that make this carrier so popular! Here's your chance to win one! Enter below through 6/26 and good luck!


Babywearing Through Pregnancy

     I always wanted to have 4 babies close in age. However, I couldn't foresee what having 4 little ones running around would be like, and I am learning as I go. It was my goal to have my babies grow up together and share interests, developmental levels and a close bond. I quickly learned that caring for toddler aged babies during pregnancy can get tough. Unlike my first child, I couldn't sleep uninterrupted at night or take breaks as needed. Toddlers are go-go-go! Things like cosleeping, breastfeeding and babywearing all continued while I was pregnant and after birth; often with 2 babies at once.
     When I had my first VBAC I was on cloud 9. Unlike my first Induction/C-section, I got up to walk around not long after delivery and recovered much faster. I was able to babywear right away and my love for carriers burst at the seams. When I became expectant with my 3rd baby, my second was still in love with his carrier and being worn. I needed to figure out how I could safely wear him through pregnancy. With an okay from my OB, and a low-risk pregnancy, I went on to wear throughout my last two pregnancies joyfully. Here are some tips I picked up for using a soft structured carruer (SSC) and a woven wrap while pregnant.

FLASH Giveaway Pello Floor Pillow for Kids arv $140 open to USA

     Wouldn't you love a Pello Floor Pillow for Kids? We have an easy to enter giveaway running right now on Instagram! Ending soon, this giveaway will award one lucky USA lower 48 resident their choice of Pello. This is so exciting, good luck everyone!

Tips for Fighting Colds and Allergies with Nature

     I've struggled with sinus problems my whole life. I had asthma and croup as a child, had 7 years of allergy shots and many respiratory infections as an adult. When I finally made it to the right ear, eye, nose and throat doctor I was surprised by his advice. My primary care physician had me on one antibiotic after another and I thought I just hadn't found the right one. He left the room and came back with a box. It was something I hadn't seen before and quite frankly I thought he was a weirdo. With his flashlight headband, he went on to give me a live demonstration of washing & clearing my sinuses. He recommended that I do it daily, and even two to three times if I was sick. That's how I was introduced to the sinus rinse.

Top 5 Babywearing Mistakes You're Probably Making

     Babywearing is a wonderful thing. The benefits to babywearing are numerous and parents all over the world enjoy the perks. However, we all must start somewhere. Many new parents look at their wrap or carrier and are not sure where to start. Many fear dropping their child or causing suffocation. Truth is, when done correctly, babywearing is very safe and keeps baby happy while Mom or Dad can do tasks hands-free! I frequently get asked to assess baby carrier use and give my opinion. I want to share the top 5 babywearing mistakes I see with you, and help spread the babywearing love and knowledge. There are some article links and affiliate links to find more info and products too.

MonkeeBumz Cloth Diapers

     If you have children, then you know that finding unique and personalized clothing can be challenging. I'm thrilled to work with Monkeebumz clothing shop and share one of her designs. Owner Sherry has some of the most eye catching embroidered designs available. We have a Monkeebumz fleece diaper cover and it's adorable! In addition to diaper covers, she makes t-shirts, tutus, hadbands, onesies, embroidered hooded towels and can even create birth stat items. Just about anything you can imagine! We are reviewing a fleece diaper cover. Why fleece diaper covers? Fleece diaper covers are great for helping prevent leaks and can be used over many styles of diapers including fitteds. A fitted cloth diaper is a great option for well-hydrated babies, but doesn't have a waterproof outer layer like a pocket, all-in-one (AIO) or all-in-two (AI2) style diaper. The fleece gives an added layer of moisture resistance and is adorable! Take a look at our cover below and visit my etsy affiliate links to see her available producs:

Pello Baby Pillow

     I recently had a friend ask me if I had any experience with an infant who couldn't be set down. I responded, YES! I've had four! I can rarely set baby down without really making him unhappy at his core. Therefore...I rarely set him down, the house is in dire need of a cleaning and I am thankful for anyone who drops by to help hold him. Why are newborns fussy? I imagine being born into this world is stressful. Imagine; Baby is floating happily, weightless, warm and constantly fed. Suddenly, they're ejected from their home via birth and out into the cold air and feel hunger for the first time. I wouldn't want to be set down either! That is, unless it's on a Pello.
     A few weeks ago, I discovered that I could set my son down on a pillow. I quickly realized that it wasn't safe and he could easily roll off to the side. I remembered an Instagram photo I saw of a Pello. What's a Pello? A Pello is a floor pillow for kids and great for positioning baby on the floor. These infant-adulthood pillows are made in the USA. In addition, you can pick from a variety of prints and back colors. My toddler chose this floral print/teal minky back. Better yet, this pillow can be used from birth through adulthood and is a great baby item. Take a look at ours here:

Beco Baby Carrier Giveaway USA/Ca ends 6/30

     I adore babywearing! Why? Babywearing is an act of love. It keeps baby comfy, close to my heartbeat and baby cries less and smiles more. In addition to the many benefits of babywearing, baby carriers come in amazing designs, prints and patterns. One very popular type is the soft structured carriers (SSCs). They're easy to put on and take off, and have comfortable padded shoulder straps. It's my go-to for supermarket shopping and trips to the park. Beco Baby Carriers are well known soft structured baby carriers (SSC) and the Soleil goes from 7-45lbs. With the snap of two buckles this carrier is easy to take on and off for shopping, going on a walk or simply getting things done at home like eating! Wouldn't you love to win this beautiful carrier? Details below:

Joovy WoodNook HighChair Giveaway open to USA ends 6/19

     Highchairs are versatile baby items. While being great for feeding, they're also a wonderful place for baby to sit supported for play, to watch everything going on at a safe height and a great way to increase eye-level social interaction with others around them. I'm proud to help Conservamom give a chair carried by my affiliates, the JoovyWoodNook Highchair away! More details and enter below!


Dear Pretend Happy Mom Bloggers; A Letter from a Not-Fake Mom Blogger

     I was bouncing back and forth from my computer to household chores when a video, shared by a fellow blogger, showed in the feed from my facebook timeline. It was a Mom blogger letting the proverbial cat out of the bag about blogging. I was surprised to see a video of this blogger's confession of her "fake" happy posts taking precedence over other topics. This blogger was revealing tidbits about all Mom bloggers, while real news was happening. While this woman was babbling on about her falsities in blogging, while the ticker read "...With an estimated 50,000 civilians trapped in the Isis stronghold" and I thought, why would this story ever take precedence over civilian lives? The real news is on the ticker! However, I hit the volume button and decided to listen anyway.
     The story opens with a voice over and quickly leads into an interview with a Mom blogger revealing the fake world of Mom blogging to society. She reports; "I was posting photos that were happy because I needed that post." Referring to paid posts. Now, as a Mom blogger myself, I have completed sponsored posts. A sponsored post is a post where a company or organization pays a blogger to post about their brand. I have never been instructed to post happy photos and quite frequently receive little to no instructions at all. Most companies are happy to receive exposure, have a blogger put their individual twist on it and get their company links into another website. In addition, if the product or company isn't a good fit for my family I simply don't do it.

Memorial Day Sales on Cloth Diapers

     Cloth Diaper Memorial Day Sales have started! Diaper Junction has lots of items on sale and I'll be adding shops as the information from my affiliates is released. Head over and get items before they're gone! They're offering 10% off great brands. This offer only runs until May 25th - May 31st so head over now!

Nicki's Diapers is having a FREE Shipping discount. Now, usually they have free shipping on diapers...but...this is FREE shipping on all USA made products, not just diapers!

Free Shipping from Pink Lemonade Shop!