Tekhni Wrap Scrap Babywearing Shops

     If you love Tekhni woven wraps then I know you'll love Tekhni Wrap Scrap items. What are wrap scrap items? When wraps are swen, chopped or converted small amounts of precious fabric are left over. These scraps are sought after and purchased by very crafty hands! Artists transform them into everything from dolls and stuffies to keychains. Here is a great list of independent wrap scrap shops that make Tekhni Woven Wrap scrap items. Some items are in stock, others go in a flash and some are custom orders. Make sure to look through Past items by clicking on "Sales" in the etsy shops and message shop owners if you want to order something.

Great Gifts for Fathers; Woodie Specs Watch Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review however the opinions are my own. These are my photos of the product sample. This post contains affiliate links.

     I'm always looking for great gifts for the Men in my life. I want something useful that also conveys my gratitude and love. Watches are always a go-to for me. I know a watch will be used every day and when they check the time they'll be reminded of the really cool gift I got them. Great right?! In the past I've purchased metal watches, watches with pictures on the face, leather strap watches and was really excited to discover wood watches from Woodie Specs. This Natural Red Sandalwood watch sits proudly on my hubby's wrist (he's my product tester!) and is both lightweight and has a bold generous size. It's always noticed by others and makes a great conversation piece. Come check it out, I took a bunch of photos!

Great Gifts for Fathers; Beardbrand Minimalists

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. The photos here are of the actual sample I received. 

     Shopping for the men in my life is difficult. I ask them"What do you want for Father's Day, Birthday, etc?" Unfortunately the answers I get are far from specific and I have to guess. One of my favorite gifts are self-care items. I love purchasing grooming products because they will get used up and I can buy them again and again! That makes for easy shopping, right?! I'm excited to try this Beardbrand Minimalist kit with Beard Oil and Beard/Mustache Wax. Made in the USA in Spokane WA, there is something for every beard.

Dear Stranger at the Supermarket; Piss Off! Raising Boys Without "Making Them Gay" and Other Inappropriate Supermarket Topics

     Every aspect of my life has changed since having children. Pre-Mom me was never approached by strangers in public. After I had my first son, I was surprised by the highly personal questions I started receiving from strangers. People come up to me at the supermarket, Target and even out to lunch at Panera. Unfortunately, this has increased with each baby and it's impossible to avoid this personal line of questioning. As a Mom to 3 boys, I regularly find myself in conversations about gender and sexuality with ignorant and very nosy strangers. I'm not sure why being out in public with my children says "hey, I'd love to talk about the possibility of my children being gay." I must look like I want to talk about my children's future, who they will love and marry and plans for my uterus. 
     Do Not Worry! If I feel the need to discuss having another baby, weather I am happy with boys or wanted a girl, how tired I am, how "busy" I am, or if my son's nailpolish will make him attracted to men....I will stop and talk to you! Please do not approach my family in the supermarket! Do not stop my family and ask confusing questions in front of my children. Such topics may lead my children to question my happiness with them. Instead, find a better way to spend your energy and time! In short, if you're not going to tell me how awesome my kids are... Piss off!

BeliBea Hands-Free Pumping and Nursing Bra Giveaway Open to USA ends 5/25

The Nourish by BeliBea bra offers both the ability to nurse and pump with ease. "BeliBea is an innovative maternity bra line designed to help all mothers through the nursing journey, offering comfort and convenience so moms can focus on loving, bonding and reveling in the beauty of their new baby." -BeliBea  Read the Nourish by BeliBea bra Review from Latched On Mom  and Mama Banana's Adventures BeliBea Review can be found Here. This bra can be used for nursing on one side, while pumping on the other! What a great way to build up a freezer supply, prepare for retuning to work, or simply get a few bags in the freezer for a date night.
     BeliBea is giving away a Nourish by BeliBea Nursing/Hands-Free Pumping Bra to one lucky person!  If you'd like to enter to win,  just fill out the competition form below! The giveaway will run from 5/5-5/25. Open to US only. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter. Winner will be announced on this post, as well as emailed (so make sure to log into the competition form using the email address you use). You will have 48 hours to respond or a new winner will be drawn.

aVo Lavender Essential Oil Review 4fl oz bottle

Disclsoure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     I love essential oils. Not only do they smell great, but the list of holistic properties is amazing. One of my favorites is lavender. It's great in a sugar scrub, essential oil diffuser or simply in my cleaning solution. It's perfect for so many uses! I'm excited to review this generously sized aVo Lavender oil and share it with you. At 4ml, this is the biggest bottle of lavender oil I've seen. The AvO Lavender oil is reasonably priced, steam distilled and smells great.

Cloth Diapering isn't All or Nothing, Celebrate ALL Cloth Diapering Families and Styles

     Frequency of use is a common topic among the cloth community. When to start, what to use at night or on car trips, weather cloth should be taken on vacation and used with other caregivers. What seems to be a common thread with all of these topics is what I call Green Mom Guilt. Someone may use 12 cloth diapers during the day and 1 disposable at night and feel guilty for not being 100% cloth. An expecting Mom may not be able to take cloth to the hospital, on a flight or to Grandma's. Using disposables for a few days seems to make Moms feel as though they're not cloth diapering hard core enough to really be a cloth Mom. I remember taking disposables across the country on a vacation. I was actually embarrassed and didn't want anyone to see them. This is not the case with cloth...we wear our cloth proudly!

Why Jill Duggar's Babywearing is So Wrong, From Someone Who Actually Babywears

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, it does contain affiliate links.

     Why Jill Duggar's Babywearing is So Wrong, From Someone Who Actually Babywears (As opposed to all the sites bashing, and not using this opportunity to talk about safe babywearing).

     If you haven't seen the news articles pinning Jill Duggar as possibly the worst babywearing Mom ever...you need to crawl out from under a rock. She can be seen in photos with her baby hung low in what appears to be a cotton pouch style sling with rings, possibly a handmade model popular before the public was more educated about babywearing and CPSIA compliance became mandatory for the safety of baby items. Certainly before Infant Deaths prompted sling recalls, and Babywearing International started it's T.I.C.K.S. campaign to educate the public about babywearing safety, these slings made a semi-popular appearance. Does this sling meet safety standards? I hope that is a question she's asking and investigating.

Hedgren Leah Tote Giveaway in Fashion for Mom Sweeps ends 5/20/15 Open to USA

Huge Multi-Vendor Giveaway for Her 3 Little Thinkers Two Bash Celebration USA ends 6/1/15

  Two Bash Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday to Her 3 Little Thinkers! Mama Banana's Adventures is proud to be cohosting this fantastic celebration. To celebrate I'm helping promote a huge giveaway which will be awarded to ONE winner (unless the prize below is specific to more than one). It will run May 3, 2015- June 1, 2015 Midnight EST. All prizes are open to US Residents only 18+

3 Easy Steps For Changing Poop Cloth Diapers on the Go

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, it does contain affiliate links. 

     I feared our first poop cloth diaper in public. I wasn't sure when it would happen but I knew it would! Poop happens. Poop happens at home and on the go. As a cloth diapering parent, I can't just throw away the diaper and washcloth aka reusable wipe...I had to figure out how to transport a soiled diaper, contain the odor and get it home for cleaning. Once I discovered the poop roll, I knew I had a system down and felt confident handling all diapers on the go. This works best with diapers that have crossover snaps, but can be done with diapers that don't have them, it just may not stay rolled as well.
     So what supplies do you need? I typically take diaper covers like Grovia Hybrid shells, prefolds, a wetbag and pre-moistened wash cloths in a small wetbag or butibag. I've tried carrying wipe solution, and this may work well for you, but having the pre-moistened cloths is so fast and easy that it's my go-to method for wipes on the go.

Margaux and May Organic Cotton Swaddle Blanket Giveaway, 3 Winners USA ends 5/15

     Swaddle blankets are a staple in any Mom's bag of tricks. Versatile and attractive these blankets can be seen swaddling baby, providing shade in the stroller, serving as a diaper changing pad or even a nursing cover; Swaddle blankets are a must-have item in any Mom's baby-care arsenal. Margaux and May 100% Organic Cotton swaddle blankets are designed with Mom's style in mind. Generously sized at 47" x 47" (120cm x 120cm), they are breathable, lightweight, a bit stretchy and perfect from birth through toddlerhood. With a lifetime guarantee, these blankets are whimsical, soft and functional.
     3 USA Winners will win a set of Marguax and May 100% Organic Cotton swaddle blankets, also found on Amazon. You can read the Marguax and May Swaddle blanket review and see how beautiful and generously sized these are. Fold in for smaller babies, or leave open for toddlers, these are versatile and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by and good luck!

USA Entrants 18+, legal residents are eligible for entry, void where prohibited. No spam accounts will be considered for prize. Winner will be selected via random draw, verified entries, contacted via e-mail and have 48 hours to respond. If no response is given a new winner will be drawn. Thank you and good luck!

Disclosure; This is not a paid post. Mama Banana's Adventures is not responsible for prize fulfillment and prizes will be fulfilled by Margaux and May. Questions please contact MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com and have a great day!

Pledge to Skip the Lawn Spray and #SaveTheBees #LoveTheWeeds

     I remember planting grass seed with my Dad as a little girl. I studied the bag carefully and noticed that written across the bottom was the phrase "with clover." The grass seed had clover mixed in as a way of fixing nitrogen to the soil. Clover helped make a lawn healthy and green, that was common knowledge. Our grass was always green, sprinkled with beautiful white and purple clover flowers and filled with yellow dandelion blooms. We would run through the grass searching for white dandelion seed heads that were full of wishes. You know the type, white and fluffy...just waiting for someone to wish on.
     I'm not sure when the lawn and garden culture changed and grass seed started coming without clover. Dandelions, clover and other healthy green "weeds" suddenly became the enemy. An enemy so hated that people are willing to hose their lawns down with dangerous herbicides and pesticides to get rid of them. Is it considered affluent to have a "weed" free lawn? Does spraying your lawn with chemicals including roundup, which has been proven to be linked to Parkinson's disease, somehow make you a better home owner? It creates a soil that weeds can't survive in, bugs die in and worms are virtually non existent. In my opinion, it makes you a terrible neighbor and a hazard to our planet!
     Living in the country we embrace our weeds. Our lawn is green, greener in fact then the lawns of those who Mono-crop their grass and periodically have it hosed down with toxic chemicals. In fact, their lawns are full of brown patches and stringy grass...while our lawn, full of weeds, is lush and green nearly year round...without any intervention from us at all. My children run and play, lay in the grass and hold worms in their hands. I never worry about lawn and garden chemicals harming them, we simply don't use them. We are planting our garden and upon sticking the shovel into the soil notice a myriad of life. Worms, bugs, ants, spiders and grubs provide an endless source of learning and entertainment for my boys...and frankly for me too! I know the banana peels I'm mixing in, the leaves that I composted two seasons ago, and the coffee grounds from this morning's brew are all contributing to this life.

Cool Summer Prize Package! Zoku Quick Ice Pop Maker and Ice Cream Maker! 4/27-5/11 USA


MommyCon Coupon Code "MamaBanana15" and Remaining Locations Which Are You Attending?

      MommyCon is an exciting event!! I can't wait to attend and I think even hubby is excited. As April nears it's end many of you may be wondering what locations are left. Atlanta and Minneapolis were huge successes and we are now looking onward to Orlando Florida! Oh how I wish I could attend in Florida! (We just had another frost here and it has us all dreaming of the beach). Good news is that most locations are still up and coming and available for ticket purchase. Keep in mind that if you want a VIP goodie bag (worth it IMO) you must purchase a regular ticket first and upgrade later. This is great news because it means you can use the $5 coupon code!! Here's what's coming!

MommyCon Orlando FL - May 23
 MommyCon Washington DC - August 22
MommyCon Columbus OH - September 19
MommyCon Newport Beach - November 14
MommyCon Seattle - November 21

Disclosure; This is not a paid post, I do get credit if you use my code to get tickets and hope to get in the top numbers to win a woven wrap!! So Thanks for using it!!

Margaux and May Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket Review

Disclosure; This is not a paid post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions expressed here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     Margaux and May 100% Organic Cotton Muslin Blankets are generously sized and 100% Global Organic Textile Standards G.O.T.S. certified. They are lightweight, have a nice bit of stretch and come with two patterns in each box. Oversized at 47" x 47" (120cm x 120cm), these are perfect for swaddling. Large enough for both babies and toddlers, these blankets are versatile and fashionable.
     Before my first son's birth, I purchased flannel swaddle blankets from Babies-R-Us. I was surprised at how quickly he outgrew them. A friend gave me a pack of muslin swaddle blankets during my second son's pregnancy. I couldn't get over the size difference...I could definitely see how small my flannel swaddles are and felt foolish for wasting time and money on them. Not only are Muslin swaddles bigger, but they are also lightweight and breathable. They're perfect for swaddling babies of every size. I love to carry one in my diaper bag to use as a changing pad, stroller sun shade, nursing cover or simply to use as a blanket.

OMG Goodies 3 Year Giveaway Extravaganza Celebration Ends 5/24

OMG Goodies is turning 3! Come help us celebrate turning three by celebrating you with amazing Giveaway from awesome Sponsors and Giveaways! There is a giant list of amazing giveaways below, click through to enter each one and win some really fantastic stuff. Thank you for stopping by and good luck!

Startwrite 6.0 The Handwriting Worksheet Wizard Giveaway Open Worldwide Ends 5/7

     Startwrite 6.0 The Handwriting Worksheet Wizard Giveaway Open Worldwide Ends 5/7. Weather you homeschool or public school learning to write is a fundamental in education. There are many apps out there for electronic devices, however there isn't anything quite like writing with paper and pencil. The fine and gross motor skills learned will carry one through a lifetime of writing needs including everything from writing a check to signing a Birthday Card.
     Startwrite The Hadwriting Wizard Software was developed by a Dad who grew tired of drawing dots on paper to mimic preschool paperwork for his child. The software has evolved into something completely customizable. Everything from the wording, colors and border can be imaged and created by you. It can include clip art, "decision" dots which tell children which way to go. Read the Startwrite 6.0 Review and enter to win a copy of your own below. Thank you and good luck!

Wool Diaper Cover Giveaway from Sassy Pants Diapers

Wool is a great option for night time cloth diapering! Wool will absorb moisture- up to 1/3 of it's weight  while also repelling moisture, leaving it dry on the outside, preventing clothing from becoming damp. It offers a breathable barrier in place of a PUL cover. Wool is also eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic, which keeps odors from settling into the fabric. Wool has so many benefits!

Nourish by BeliBea Nursing Bra Review

Disclosure;  I received a product sample to facilitate my review, however the opinions here are my own.This is not a paid advertisement.

     As a nursing and pumping Mom, I've tried many bras. I was excited to have the opportunity to test out this new Nourish BeiBea nursing/pumping bra and wasn't sure what to expect. How can a bra do both nursing and pumping? There are several features:

1. Two bra layers
  • Top layer with optional padded insert
  • Bottom layer with nipple/flange hole for pumping
2. Two Clasps for "snap down" of the 2 bra layers
3. Three hooks in the back for securing torso band
4. Adjustable shoulder straps
5. Stretchy fabric
6. Optional/removable padded cups
7. Tagless 

     The bra seen here is a Medium. I thought I needed a small but opted for a Medium and am glad I went bigger. While the torso band is on the smallest setting for me and could even be tighter (I wear a 36D), the cup portion has a smaller fit and less coverage then my other nursing bras. This would be helpful with a lower cut shirt that would expose a full coverage nursing bra and it's attractive on.
     The bra straps are adjustable, and as you can see they adjust in the rear of the bra. I personally prefer if they adjust in the front, but most seem to adjust this way. This bra can be used for nursing, pumping or nursing on one side and pumping on the other. Nursing/pumping is a great way to save up Milk when baby doesn't go long between feedings and it's hard to find pumping time.

Startwrite 6.0 Review; The Handwriting Worksheet Wizard Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions expressed are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     My preschooler works on his handwriting daily. He loves drawing letters on an Ipad app or paper and pencil. I love that he's learning to write. He attends nursery school two days a week for 2 hours, and comes home with handwriting worksheets with connect-the-dot style letters. I've tried to replicate these sheets by hand drawing dots. Dotting sheets is a lot of work and not nearly as perfect as computer generated versions.
     I am very excited to test out Startwrite 6.0 the "Handwriting Worksheet Wizard" to help my little ones learn how to write. The software comes with English and Spanish fonts and has many customizable features. Everything from the text, worksheet colors, clipart and border is made to your taste. Here is a little video from the company about the software and a worksheet I made with a few different options.

Born Free Baltic Amber Teething Necklace Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     I will admit that when I first saw Amber Teething Necklaces I was very confused. I wondered how chewing on something so small could help teething. As it would turn out...these necklaces aren't for chewing on at all! Many believe that amber has pain relieving properties that make teething easier for babies and toddlers. Moms claim it relieves discomfort from colic and teething, reduces drooling and is anti-inflammatory. Does it really work? If it doesn't, at least it's adorable! Holistic nonsense? It's definitely worth a try, and with all the warnings and side effects of over the counter medications like tylenol and ibuprofen, I'm certainly willing to test it out.
     This Born Wild Baltic Amber Teething Necklace has baltic amber straight from Lithuania. The company guarantees authenticity and your happiness with the product. It's baby/toddler sized and can be worn as a short necklace, or wrapped a few times as an anklet.

Pregnancy; The First Trimester; Am I Dying?

     As I'm reaching towards the 6th week of my 4th pregnancy, I'm reflecting back on my previous 3 pregnancies. Each time I've thought I remembered what it felt like to be pregnant. I've heard of those Moms, the ones who feel great during pregnancy. They have energy, a glow and don't experience any of the nausea or other issues many Moms like myself do. While each pregnancy has been different the symptoms have been fairly consistent, I find myself wondering, "Am I Dying?"

Kew West Retinol Cream Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     After reading about the effectiveness and studies done on Retinol, I couldn't wait to add it to my skincare routine. I use a product with 2.5% retinol every other day to help with spots, collagen production and overall appearance of skin. I was excited to try out this Key West Retinol Cream with 2.5% Retinol. It has two oils in the first three ingredients, making this super moisturizing, but possibly not the best for acne prone or oily skin. It's 71% Organic and not tested on animals.


Disclosure; This post contains affiliate links.

     Here are some great sites to get Freebies From!

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Get Two Free Audiobooks from Amazon Audible

10% Off Any Order at Eluxury Supply; Amazing bedding and even sales!

Elleda Vitamin C Serum Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     With all the benefits from Vitamin C and Hylauronic Acid...I have no idea why I wasted time and money with department store beauty cream. Not only did it cost more, but it doesn't have these proven effective ingredients inside. Vitamin C is know to help with the production of collagen and to fade dark spots. Hyaluronic acid is actually injected by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to plump wrinkles. These two ingredients combine in Elleda Vitamin C Serum to create a powerfully and effective serum that's easy on the wallet. This serum is power packed and Made in the USA.