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Healthy Baby Bath Time Giveaway open to USA/Ca ends 12/22

Keeping our children safe and healthy is top priority as a parent. Unfortunately one of the things we need to protect our children from are chemicals in every day products. We all want what's best for our children and it's important to be aware of what our little ones may come in contact with.  Parents today are becoming increasingly cautious of potentially dangerous chemicals in their households. What better way to eliminate chemicals from baby's daily routine then at bath time? Here are some great products one lucky winner will receive!

Black Friday through Cyber Monday Cloth Diaper Shop Deals 2015

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     Looking for great Cloth Diaper Deals for Black Friday - Cyber Monday 2015? Find them here! This post will continually be updated as shops share their deals. Find all the sales at this one-stop shopping destination and stock up on goodies that otherwise - rarely - go on sale! Everything from percentage discounts to free shipping, this is an amazing time of year to stock up on cloth diaper products for your babies and toddlers, even some items for Moms. 

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Alcatel Onetouch Giveaway holiday gift guode 20515

Holiday Shopping time is here. What a better way to show you care than to get a loved one a new smartphone that doesn't tie them down to a contract! Who wouldn't love one for themselves too?? This giveaway is for the phone, you will have to pick and pay for your service. Check out these great plans and enter to win below!

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     It's Holiday Season!! Have you started shopping? Nearly finished? Below you will find a wonderful selection of the best holiday gifts. Why stress out over Holiday shopping when you can find some great products here! For the kids, the parents, the spouses, the friends, the teachers, the neighbors...! The list gets longer and longer every year. Have no fear, the Mama's are here! MamatheFox and Mama Banana Adventures have teamed up to bring you a HUGE prize package with gifts for all types of people on your list worth $451 arv. Infants and kids, the pet lovers, the manly men, the girly girls, the average homeowner, you get our drift. Please feel free to explore the product reviews and read more about these amazing prizes and the companies who make them. Every product has been reviewed and would make a great addition to your List! Enter GIVEAWAY Below!

Who Doesn't Deserve a Family? November is National Adoption Month

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      November is National Adoption Month. When I think of adoption, I think of babies. This is a common and inaccurate idea about adoption and foster care. Did you know there are many older children waiting to be adopted?? "We Never Outgrow the Need for Family." Not if you're 5, 10, or even 15 years old. That's because older children and youth still have many big milestones in their life they need a family for. Imagine no one sitting in the audience at your high-school graduation, teaching you how to ride a bike or even kissing your forehead as you get ready for Prom. It's heartbreaking, but there is something you can do. 
      You may be shocked to learn that there are 415,000 children in the U.S. foster care system and 108,000 are waiting to be adopted. AdoptUSKids’ maintains a national photo listing service for children waiting to be adopted. Since the project launched in 2002, more than 25,000 children who were once photo listed on adoptuskids.org have been adopted and nearly 38,000 families have registered to adopt through the website.  Nevertheless, older youth are disproportionately represented – approximately 41 percent of children and youth photo listed on adoptuskids.org are between 15 and 18 years old, but only 17 percent of those adopted have been in this age group. Read more about this extremely important topic below;

Nursing Mom and Cloth Diaper Giveaway; Boobs and Butts Arv $88 open to USA ends 11/30

Boobs & Butts Image  
While the title may be a tad silly, it is exactly what this super giveaway has to offer. You have the chance to win a ton of awesome goodies for a nursing mom and for a child in diapers. This package has a retail value of $88 and is the perfect package to try to win for yourself or a mom in your life. Enter to WIN Below!!

Don't Assume We Believe in Santa

     It's almost that time of year. The leaves have fallen, the air is crisp and I've started our Christmas shopping. With birthdays in Decmeber, Christmas, New Years all following Thanksgiving...I like to shop early and get great deals to have the best and awesomist presents I can find!
     I grew up believing in Santa. I remember Christmas Eve nerves, trouble falling asleep, wondering when Santa would come down our chimney. Waking up at 4 am half asleep to find presents under the tree...it was was a magical surprise. As I grew older the stories my parents told me about Santa seemed fictions. I remember the night I asked my Mom about Santa. I stood in her bedroom doorway and said "Mom, is Santa real?" She replied "What do you think?" I said "no" and she said, "You're right" and explained a bit about the tradition. I was confused, I felt betrayed and I asked why they had lied to me. Elaborate lies, photos with some guy in the mall, pretending to hear sleigh bells...the list goes on and on. She explained that they wanted to make Christmas special and fun for me.

Don't Call My Child Disabled

     Disabled. I've used the word many times. It's hard to explain what my child has gone through and to be honest, I'm tired of telling our story. I can tell the story about how we knew something was wrong, the doctors tests and specialists we saw, the hospitals we visit, how this impacts life every day. I can explain where we're at now, what the future holds and our hopes and dreams. People often ask "will it get better on it's own?" "What's the plan?" I can go into ALL of this...Or, I can say "I have a disabled child." People understand that, it's short and sums up in a few words something I go through every day and doesn't lead to too many questions. I can continue shopping, running errands or change the topic back to something positive, uplifting and maybe even not cartoon related.

Save Money Shopping Everyday; Groupon Your Coupon

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     Do you LOVE Groupon? How about coupons? How about....Groupon Coupons?! I have some amazing deals to share and I couldn't even list them all if I wanted to! Perfect for the Holidays and Every Day you'll want to see these fantastic offers. Who wants to wait weeks to get a Target or Babies R Us coupon flyer in the mail? In my region we don't even get Target coupons...but now we don't need to! Groupon Coupons has coupon offers for everywhere you can imagine. Shop offers before you go shopping, or right on your mobile device in-store! Here's how I Groupon my Coupon:

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I and Love and You Pet Food Giveaway $150 arv open to USA

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     Quality food is an important staple in any pet's diet. I was fortunate to grow up in a family with dogs, a cat and lots of animal lovers. We've seen it all. Medical problems, dietary and skin issues and have learned over and over again that food is a major factor in the health of our pet! This was especially true the night my German Shepherd Sophie developed bloat...

Tula Daydreamer Spring Equinox Giveaway ends 12/4 open to USA/Ca


     Who wouldn't love to own a Tula?! The Daydreamer collection was recently released and these highly sought after carriers are on many wish lists. Daydreamer Spring Equinox transports you to a place of wonder and play with its unique illustration. Sharing magical moments of children flying off to a party in the sky, against a gradient of warm colors and black canvas, Daydreamer Spring Equinox celebrates childhood nostalgia. The Daydreamer collection was created in collaboration with artist, Rachel Hirst and combines her artistry with Tula's design to offer this line. Enter to WIN below!

Real Homeowner Help for Families Behind on Mortgage Payments

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    Are you concerned about home foreclosure? Behind on payments? Some facts and statistics; Nearly one in 17 homeowners nationwide has fallen behind on his or her mortgage payments, putting them at a higher risk of foreclosure. Those statistics are scary. Homeowners should not feel alone, but many do. That is why the Making Home Affordable® (MHA) program provides free resources and assistance for distressed homeowners who are working hard at juggling expenses to makes ends meet. Many of these homeowners may be unaware that MHA has expanded its options, and may have a solution available to address their particular financial situation. Moreover, the Hardest Hit Fund (HHF) – available in 18 states and the District of Columbia -- also helps real people get back on their feet and on the road to financial stability in states hit hard by the economic and housing downturn. Across the country, more than 1.5 million families have already benefited from MHA.

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      I'm thrilled to be part of a Huge giveaway running on Facebook. 20 Bloggers and Shops, Easy entries and chances at great prizes! Giveaway begins 11/10 and ends 11/12 at 2pm EST. Make sure to enter and check out these fantastic brands!

Levana Keera PTZ Baby Video Monitor With 2 Cameras Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review how the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

       When I was expecting my first son, I purchased a regular baby monitor that picked up sound. I didn't see the purpose of video monitoring and thought I would be fine without it. I was wrong! I found myself unable to do everyday activities without wanting to check on my baby (visually). I solved this by moving his swing into the kitchen. This way, if he was swinging and napping I could turn and see him. As a busy Mom now expecting my 4th son, I look forward to using a video monitor to allow baby to have quiet time in a separate room. I know his older 3 brothers can be noisy and very interested in him, thus interrupting nap time and allowing little peace when he'll need it. I'm very excited to review the Levana PTZ Baby Video Monitor with 2 Cameras. Why 2 cameras? Because baby doesn't just stay in one room! I have one camera setup in the nursery, and one setup in my bedroom for easy monitoring. If I'm washing the dishes and wondering...are my older sons trying to snuggle the baby? I can simply glance at the screen to find out! Check out the features:

Are Alva Baby Diapers Sewn by Satan?

     I see questions about Alva Baby Diapers all the time. It seems like cloth diapering parents either love them or hate them. It seems like some people really really hate them. Knowing this, I found myself in a tough financial spot and expecting one of my babies. As my due date grew closer, I knew it was either Alva Baby Diapers or no cloth diapers. I pushed the order button and 20 pocket diapers with a bamboo/microfiber insert for under $100 were on their way to me...shipped from China.

3 Must Have Occupational Therapy Items Every Pregnant Mama Should Own; Occupational Therapy and Maternal Care

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After delivering my 1st son via a long induced labor (which I heavily regret), followed by an emergency c-section, I had an unexpected recovery challenges. As I stood in the bathroom for my first shower, unable to lift my leg high enough to get my pants on of off, I wondered why an Occupational Therapist wasn't recommended for postpartum care. I had to wander out into the hospital hall, pants-less, to find someone to help me get dressed! Why aren't OT's standard for post partum care? Since then, I have thought long about adaptive equipment and it's use during pregnancy and in postpartum recovery. Expecting my 4th baby, I have identified 3 items I believe every Pregnant and Postpartum Mama could benefit from...that have certainly helped me!!


Tokidoki Prints Now in Stock at These Retailers from Rumparooz

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     Tokidoki prints from Rumparooz are now in stock!! Here are retailers carrying the print with FREE shipping. If you have your eye on the OS pocket or OS diaper cover (with trim) find the now at these cloth diaper shops. I'm not sure how many are available, but if you want one don't wait! 

Nicki's Diapers (free shipping on diapers too!)

Itsy Bitsy Bums (shipping free for orders over $35)

Diaper Junction (diaper comes up free shipping here too!)

Gimbal's Fine Candies Giveaway ends 11/19 USA

Welcome to the Gimbal's Fine Candies Giveaway! 

Gimbal's Candies are Allergy Friendly! 
Gimbal's candies are allergy friendly, they are 100% free of peanut, tree nut, gluten, dairy, soy and egg. These ingredients are responsible for countless allergic reactions across the nation. We love Gimbal's since they are safe for Ezio. He is allergic to tree nuts, peanut, egg, coconut, sesame, cinnamon, and a few others so we are very thankful for companies who take allergies into consideration when creating their products.

Omni-Charge Everything at Once USB 6-Port Charger Giveaway

Why Not Charge Everything At Once?

I have seen chargers for the car that are dual chargers but this is the first one I've seen that has six holes to plug in a USB end of a charger. Works with iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, speakers, headsets, Android phone, etc. Not only does it charge six things at one... it is also fast! I love that I can now charge almost everything in my household at the same time. Enter to WIN Below!

Ragababe Cloth Diaper Giveaway USA/Ca ends 11/20


BB Slen Babylonia USA Pineapple Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

     I love babywearing. I love sharing wraps with all of you! I'm very excited to share this Babylonia BB Slen 100% Cotton Woven Wrap in Pineapple. The colors are beautiful, it was easy to wash and wear right from the start. This Mama-friendly wrap is great for beginners and experenced wrappers alike. At 30" wide brand new, it's great for baby all the way through toddler! My wrapee is over 3 ft tall and 35 lbs. This wrap is in a size "8" and I'm over 34 weeks along with our 4th addition. It's supportive, has nice stretch and cush and is comfortable to wear. Here, take a look!

Lillebaby Essentials Carrier Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

     I'm 34 weeks expecting and we're excited for the arrival of baby boy 4!! So excited that I can't wait to share the new Lillebaby Essentials 4-in-1 carrier with you and it's fit on this pregnant Mama. What 4 carries you ask? Carries include Front/Infant with insert, Front carry, Hip carry and Back carry. While this does not offer a forward facing option (like the Complete series), it's an amazing carrier and addition to Lillebaby. The price is unbelievable and as you can see with my 35 lb 3+ feet tall 21 m/o baby, the fit is great too! It has lots of features, including a hood, padded shoulder straps and lots of adjustments. Here, take a look!

What Breastfeeding Moms Truly Think of Formula Moms

     I've been breastfeeding for nearly 5 years now, and I think I've heard it all. Breastfeeding permeates every area of my life. When baby is first born, I spend hour after hour breastfeeding. Newborns nurse constantly (which is normal) and if I'm not nursing, then I'm changing my nursing pads or trying to find time for chores or things I really want to do (like take a shower!). Breastfeeding has changed my social circles, the family members I visit/interact with and how I do and plan everything during my day. Breastfeeding is a HUGE part of my family and I and I enjoy sharing our experiences with other Moms. It has become, and will forever be a part of me.

     In the beginning I was pushed towards formula. I was formula fed as a baby, and the women in my family did not breastfeed. Not only did they not breastfeed, they verbalize that they prefer formula. Formula is easier they say. My own Mom insisted that someone could watch my baby all night so I could sleep, or if hubby and I wanted to go on a date or for a few hour trip. I wouldn't have to pump, worry about getting back to baby and anyone could feed him. I did try one to go out with hubby a few weeks after my first son was born. We both sat there silently. Eventually we admitted that we missed him terribly and couldn't wait to get back! I knew the next time we went out for dinner he would come along and I would end up nursing him awkwardly hidden in the back booth in Panera until my confidence and nursing skills improved.
     I was induced for the birth of my first son (which I heavily regret) which lead to having my water broken (because it was 7 am and that's the time the Dr. went around breaking water) and getting my epidural (because it was my turn). I was left with a nurse who decided it was time to push (because I was 10 cm) and 5 hours into pushing (I later learned you listen to your body about when to push), I was being wheeled off for a c-section. Breastfeeding went great for us...at first. Then formula was "ordered" for my son because his biliruben was high and he had to be under the lights 24/7 for several days. Everything went downhill from there. He had trouble latching. My nipples became cracked and even bled a little. I cried for about 6 weeks straight. I felt like a failure. Nothing had gone the way I planned and my husband and Mom were offering me unlimited rest...all in exchange for formula. I didn't give in, and almost 5 years later I'm expecting my 4th baby and will be tandem nursing for the 3rd time. I'm glad I chose this path, it has been the right journey for my children and I. I am thankful to have made it through, to be able to produce milk and I cried the first time I got a few ounces out with my pump. It's emotional.
     Through all of this I occasionally run into formula feeding Moms who seem to really have a bone to pick with brestfeeding itself. Because of my activities, I have met many breastfeeding Moms and find that we have tons in common. Many of the breastfeeding Moms I know also cloth diaper, babywear and aim to eat organically and it has definitely changed my social circles. I feel very fortunate to have them in my life...even if we're all so busy that it's just online. I do occasionally run into what seem to be very angry, resentful and preoccupied Moms who formula feed. I have been attacked (verbally) and told things like:

 "You are talking about breastfeeding to make me feel bad about formula."
 "You feel like you're better then everyone else because you breastfeed."
"You talk about breastfeeding too much, you shouldn't be trying to make other people feel bad, get off your high horse."

     These comments always confuse me. It's 9:00 in the morning. I have changed 3 poopy diapers, breastfed 2 babies, changed my milky bra (which started to smell terrible), made waffles and organic sausage for the kids. Given 4 baths (none to myself), fed the dog, the cat and taken out the recycling and swept the floors. Honestly, how other Moms feed their babies has not crossed my mind. Another Mom feeding her baby formula has not crossed my mind, and honestly I (like other breastfeeding Moms I know) am very busy with my own family...I don't have time to contemplate how or what everyone else is feeding their baby. Not once. I did not breastfeed my children to make anyone else feel bad, I breastfeed my children because well, that's what I want to do.
      If you want to feed your baby formula, that's your choice. I honestly don't think any ill thoughts. Most Moms I've run into are working so hard what I usually hope is that our kids know how much we love them! If I have mentioned breastfeeding it's because I spent 10 hours today doing it. It's part of me...a HUGE part of me and my family...and just like anything else I would spend 10 hours doing, yes...I'm going to talk about it. Do I believe breast is best? Yes. There is a mountain of scientific evidence that says breastmilk is the best food for babies, which is one of the main reasons I choose to breastfeed until my babies are ready to wean. I'm not passing judgement on other Moms, it's a fact. Does my mention of breastfeeding bother you? I have not breastfed my children today to upset anyone, I breastfeed my babies so they can eat. Please unfriend me, unfollow me and find people with interests similar to yours.
     If any thought crosses my mind about formula, it's that it looks easier. Easier how? Leaving baby doesn't take the planning and pumping milk that breastfeeding does. Very very expensive, but easier...and not for me. I have glanced at the formula containers at the grocery store and thought...Holy Shit!! Is that what formula costs?! It must be a hard expense on families. I've read the ingredients, seen that corn syrup solids are often a primary ingredient and thought that formula companies are really putting out a poor product. It should, at the very least, be non-GMO or organic. Babies don't need chemicals in anything they eat. I'm thankful that we don't need it, but I know Moms who have tried everything imaginable and are pained by supplementing. Moms have it hard.
     I have friends who exclusively breastfeed, I have friends who didn't want to try breastfeeding at all and went right to formula, I have friends who desperately want to breastfeed but have supply issues and do both. What do I think of all of this? I hope everyone is doing what makes them happy. I believe most people already have too much stress in life to get tangled in who-is-feeding-their-baby-what arguments. I'll do what's right for my family and everyone else can do what's right for theirs, and eventually our children will all be grown up and Moms will be arguing about something else.
     Sooooo...What do Breastfeeding Moms Truly Think of Formula Moms? We don't. 

      As always, thanks for stopping by! Comment Moderation is turned ON on my blog. Nasty comments about breastfeeding, formula feeding or anything else will be deleted.

     I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. I'm also now on Periscope as @MamaBananasAdv . Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com

D-Link HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

    There are many reasons to need a baby monitor. When I had my first son, I didn't understand the need for a video monitor; I purchased a sound only monitor for around $100. I thought it would do everything I needed and I was sooooo wrong. I found myself unable to do things like wash the dishes without sneaking down the hall repeatedly to look at my baby. This permeated into night time too, and my Mom instincts told me I needed to see my baby to feel content. I wanted to see that he wasn't laying on his face, that he was breathing comfortably and that overall he looked content.
     While monitoring one baby has it's challenges, soon we will have our 4th baby...and our youngest will be 4 (almost 5) when he's born. Not only do I want to see my baby for all the same reasons I did when I had one, but now I need to see him to ensure his brothers aren't unintentionally causing him any harm or distress.
     I'm very excited to try out the D-Link DCS-855L HD Pan and Tilt Wi-Fi Baby Camera. This is a great unit. One of the first things I noticed about it was it's weight. Have you ever picked something up and could tell that it was high quality just by the weight and how it felt in your hands? This is true with this unit, it has a great weight and feel and can be monitored from any mobile device with the mydlink Baby App. 

101 Winners Speekee Spahish for Kids open Worldwide ends 11/13

Welcome to the Speekee - Spanish For Kids Giveaway with 101 winners!

speekee giveaway