How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables; From Scratch Pancake Recipe; Here Are Your Pancakes...Vegetables Included

     My kids love pancakes. After seeing our favorite pancake mix announced on a list of Genetically Modified foods...I wondered what exactly came in the red box that was regularly in our shopping cart?! I decided to start making pancakes from scratch using organic four and ingredients. This is the best way I know how to ensure there aren't any unpleasant surprises in my kids breakfast.
     It dawned on me one day that I cold put applesauce into the pancakes to make them more moist and easier for my little ones to chew and swallow.  A light bulb went on....I thought...if I can use applesauce, why can't I use green been puree? It tastes terrible and my kids won't eat it plain...but in pancakes?! Sure! It goes right down! So here is my recipe for family pancakes, vegetables included:

2c Organic Flour
4 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp Cinnamon (more or less to taste)
pinch of fine sea salt
Jar of pureed veggies, or 1/2 C fruit or vegetable puree including but not limited to pumpkin, green bean and apple.
2 Eggs (also optional, pancakes will less fluffy without these)
2 tbsp Melted organic Coconut oil
2 tbsp organic flax seed (optional)
Liquid. This can be soy milk, almond  milk, cow milk, apple juice (will make a crispier pancake). 
2/3 C unsweetened chocolate chips

Step 1. Combine flour, baking powder, salt and cinammon in a bowl and whisk together.
Step 2. Add 2 eggs, veggie or fruit puree.
Step 3. Wisk together adding a little liquid at a time until batter reaches a honey-like consistency. I'm not including an exact amount of liquid needed because it will vary based on your egg size, puree consistency, and type of milk or juice used.
Step 4. Add chocolate chips and melted coconut oil and wisk together.
Step 5. Coat frying pan with a bit of coconut oil (I like spreading it with a silicone brush best) add pancake batter to pan. Cover with a lid and flip when pancake appears to have bubbles on the top. Larger pancakes generally take longer then smaller ones. Make sure to monitor cooking progress. Recover with lid, removing at end. This will ensure an even rise on what will be a thick pancake.
Step 6. Marvel at your children eating their green beans with a little coaxing from a few semi sweet chocolate chips!! We don't even need syrup. Mix it up by cutting the cooked pancake up with cookie cutters and adjust to the seasons!

The end.

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Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, this is the result of cooking at home for my family, please consult your pediatrician for questions regarding your child's individual nutritional needs.

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Great Last Minuite Gifts! Plus, Enter to Win a $2500 Shopping Spree!!

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Woolzies Dryer Ball Giveaway; Green Living 2015

     Welcome to Make it Green in 2015! During the next following weeks, follow Latched On Mom to learn a variety of ways to easily make more healthy and ecologically friendly choices for the New Year! Read reviews of products that will help your family and enter some great giveaways! 
 Woolzies Dryer Balls are the perfect alternative to chemical filled dryer sheets and fabric softeners! They save time, energy and money!  Read the full review of Woolzies Dryer Balls from Latched On Mom and read about how the eliminate the need for chemical fabric softener from Mama Banana's Adventures HERE. They're pretty great!

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Tekhni Thalia Review; 100% Mercerized Cotton Woven Wrap

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post

     When choosing a wrap, I often look for colors I enjoy wearing in tops. Because a woven wrap covers much of my torso, I like to think of wraps as an extension of my outfit. When I saw this pink from Tekhni I fell in love....but as a Mom to 3 boys I wondered if should I go for it?! you can see...we did! This Tekhni Thalia in the color Emma, size 7 is beautiful!
     In addition to amazing color, rich in saturation and depth, Thalia feels thin to the touch and is made of 100% Mercerized cotton. It's supportive, densely woven and although it does require 'breaking in' it's moldable. As if eye-catching color and pattern weren't enough, Thalia has grip and a bit of sheen that changes with movement and light. The floral pattern is stunning from every angle and there doesn't seem to be a wrong way to place it! The width (like all Tekhni's we've encountered) makes a great seat (below) and creates a very comfortable carry for both my baby and I. I would recommend this to the new Mom equally as I would to someone with a healthy sized baby like mine and believe that the weight of this wrap has appeal to a wide range of babywearers.

     What is Mercerized cotton? Mercinazation is a process in which the cotton thread is treated causing it to swell, increase in surface area and strength, increase aptitude to take dye, gain luster, increases softness and improves overall appearance. Modern day mercinization is commonly completed by giving the fibers a sodium hydroxide bath followed by an acid bath (according to Wikipedia). (1
     I imagine that this process, in combination with a tight weave and pattern, contributes heavily to the support and beauty of this wrap! Requiring just a few minor adjustments after I have my baby up in a carry...I anticipate this need for adjustment/re-hoisting up will totally go away once this finishes breaking in. Pictured here is my very healthy, comfortable and happy 28lb 10 m/o!

     When shopping for woven wraps you may wonder about a company's origin, inspiration and owner. I am still amazed that Tekhni recently celebrated her One Year Anniversary! (I encourage you to read the full interview). Looking at the beautiful selection of wraps Tekhni offers, it would be easy to believe that the company has paved the road for others! This wrap wisdom comes directly from the company's owner, Alysa Demarco, who is not only an artist, but also a Mom and experienced wrapper herself.
     The pattern name Thalia is derived from the Greek Muse Thaleia who was known as the joyful one, also quite literally the blooming one. (2) The color shown here (Emma) is both rich and deep and the wrap has been offered in other colors including Alena, Flame, Frost and Midas. Last I checked I saw a few Frost in the etsy shop! After seeing this pattern...I think I need to plant this flower in my yard! Do you think Lowes carries it? Yes...spring time project!

     Thalia is another beauty in a long line of woven wraps from Tekhni. Although this wrap is 100% cotton, the company offers nature inspired wraps in multiple blends and patterns including Repreve, silk, and Tencel. I will warn you....if you look you may want them All!! Make sure to join Tekhni's facebook chatter page to learn about upcoming releases and to get access to limited fun items like wrap infinity scarves! Read more about the company and two full reviews including lots of photos; Ceres with Repreve HERE and the amazing Meandros with Tussah Silk HERE.

     Straight out of the tote, this wrap measured 29.5" wide and 215" long, and after 2 washes it reduces to 27.75" wide and 201.5 " long..making me very happy I got a 7! I never thought of myself as a 7 person and usually stick to 6's...but as my boys grow I really appreciate the length. Post wash density comes to 249.6 g/m2 making it a Medium weight wrap on the woven database scale. I wear both my good sized baby and my 2 year old who weighs in at 34 lbs comfortably in this wrap, but not at the same time.

     Keep in mind that all new woven wraps shrink both in width and length after a wash, and the wrap will range approximately around that g/m2 throughout use. Make sure to follow a wrap's specific instructions for the best results. Tekhni recommends 'an initial wash in hot water with low spin...with subsequent washes on a gentle cycle with cool water using a natural detergent without optical brighteners. Post wash, Thalia should be tumble dried on low, followed with a warm steam iron' although I usually set my iron to 'cotton' to release wrinkles from this beauty. (3)

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     Please make sure to follow Tekhni on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest as well as visiting the Website and favoriting her Etsy shop for wrap updates and releases. Join the Talk About Tekhni group on Facebook for wrap chatter and fun! Happy babywearing!


Are Big Corporations Pushing Reusable Menstrual Pad Makers Out of Business?

     Important legislation that will charge Work At Home Moms big bucks to produce and sell reusable menstrual pads, commonly known as Mama Cloth, soon. Please take action and sign the included petition to encourage congress to stop this. Are big companies trying to push WAHMs out of business by proposing that reusable menstrual pads are a "medical device"....what's next....cloth diapers?! This is not a sponsored post.

     If you are going green, the chances are you have seen or read information about reusable menstrual pads. Many of these pads are manufactured by work at home Moms (WAHM) who sell hand made items in etsy shops or hyena carts. Benefits to these items include reducing waste, saving money and limiting chemicals often found in disposable feminine products.
     Recently, a petition was developed to eliminate the high cost to these shops. The classification of reusable menstural pads as a 'medical device' means WAHMs must pay a tarrif for 2015 is $3,646 by January 1st and estimated to be $3,872 for 2016. (1, 2). These high fees may eliminate a WAHM's ability to stay in business and ultimately reduce the amount of small shops able to produce and sell these items.
     A petition to eliminate or lower (should be eliminate if you ask me!) FDA Regulation #884.5435 and needs 100,000 signatures by January 15, 2015. As of right now, they are 98, 779 short of this goal. With only a few more weeks to go this petition needs your attention! Please visit the page, add your name, and make sure to pass this on!! (1).

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Black Friday - Cyber Monday Deals Crunchy Moms Can't Miss!

Disclosure: This is not a sponsored post :) Also not affiliate links, I am truly sharing good deals with you! ...but I probably should get some affiliate links..right?!

     It's here! Black Friday Deals are fantastic and here are some you can't miss! Stop by Green Mountain Diapers for some amazing prefolds, get a Spray Pal and sprayer to clean them, and a LilleBaby carrier or Wrap to hold baby while you do it all! Huge deals at Amazon on everything. Carseats, toys, electronics...everything and free shipping! See all my !!! very exciting deals.

     Huge sale going on at Green Mountain Diapers until Cyber Monday! Prefolds, Thirsties covers, wipes, etc. all on sale...and free shipping on orders over $75...only $5 shipping on orders under that price! Great time to stock up!

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Lillebabies starting at $89.70!!

 Huge Black Friday sales at Amazon!! I couldn't pick just one to share, so I'm using this Grovia shell. The deals are amazing and you can preview upcoming deals, see how many items are left on current deals and get free shipping on orders over $35! (this photo is the only affiliate link)

Sitewide Sale for SprayPal!! Been waiting for a deal on a cloth diaper spray shield or giftset?? shipping on USA orders $20 and over and great reward gifts for purchasing!!

Tekhni Woven Sling Studio is offering 15% off the wraps in the etsy shop! (not for hoodie pre-order)! Use code HOLIDAY15 

Marsupial Mamas has 10-50% off Woven Wraps! What a great time to get a woven wrap!!

One of my favorite handmade shops PaperVsGlue is having a 20% off sitewide sale!! Great time to buy something unique and handmade for the Holidays!

     50% off everything...even sales AND free shipping!! My son's clothes are primarily Gymboree. They have a great selection, the quality really stands up, they look great and I often give gifts from Gymboree for the Holidays! (affiliate link in photo, meaning I get a small percentage if you use this link and make a purchase).

     I hope you find some great deals and have a wonderful Holiday Season! 

Pretty Nursing Bras; Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra Review and Giveaway

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate this review, the opinions here are my own! Also, this bra is pretty fantastic. Who wouldn't love a pretty nursing bra? I have stared at selections of nursing bras at major retailers and wondered where the sexy and pretty nursing bras for Moms were? Did breastfeeding mean that all of a sudden women weren't interested in feminine bras? If you have felt the same way, then you'll love this bra for both comfort and beauty!

     When I was pregnant with my first son I was unsure how/when to buy a nursing bra. I headed to a well known 'bra' store at 38 weeks and was surprised to find that many major retailers didn't carry breastfeeding products! I shopped in maternity stores, baby stores and ultimately bought many bras from Target. While I love my work horse Target nursing bras, they certainly aren't something I'd reach for to feel sexy...I feel the phrase 'over the shoulder boulder holder' best fits them.

     I am thrilled to collaborate with Nursing Bra Express to share some pretty nursing bras...because brestfeeding doesn't mean work horse bras are our only option! Nursing Bra Express is an online retailer with a huge selection of nursing bras and nursing apparel! The bra seen here is the Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra, Jaquard Pattern, Jungle Purple!! My husband saw it and said, wow, that's a sexy nursing bra! Exactly...

        In addition to being attractive, this bra is super comfortable! I love wearing it. I have a Medium and have found that it washes and wears well. It's so comfortable that I could fall asleep in it and not wake up with a wire poking or a strap digging into my shoulder. Some fantastic features include; Wireless, Stretchy, 3 Rows of back hooks, Snap to Nurse in the front...with a Second set of alternate hooks that slide to release, and Removable Pads! 

          The removable pads are a fantastic feature! The bra can be work with or without them. They can also be replaced with natural fiber nursing pads and changed as needed. These pads aren't present in my other non-wire bras and I find myself avoiding wearing those out for fear of high-beaming everyone with my nursing nipples. Occasionally the pads do bunch up a tad, like after a wash, but are easy to re-form to their original shape and contour.

     The Unsnap to Nurse hooks are a nice feature. In addition one Major Plus to this bra is the ability to adjust strap length in the FRONT of the strap! I have no idea why some companies put this feature in the back of the the very bottom. These are easy to adjust and along with the stretchy cups, this feature allows you to adjust the bra as your supply and cup size go up and down throughout the day.
     A second set of hooks accompanies the bra along with instructions to remove the snap to nurse hooks, and replace with these metal slide to nurse. One benefit to these is to reduce noise, however I still prefer the snap to nurse that they came with. Instructions require you to cut the plastic clip (carefully) and replace with these metal ones.

     In addition to a great selection of products, Nursing Bra Express offers breastfeeding tips and support, along with gift certificates and offers a 'no hassle' return policy for unworn, unwashed, and unused items for 45 days. If this bra is out of your budget range at $49, they offer a Factory Outlet section with bras as low as $6.99!! Amazing...I know. You couldn't even buy a lower quality bra from a mainstream retailer at that price!!
     Now for the giveaway! One lucky USA 18+ winner will receive a Bravado Body Silk Nursing Bra in Jungle Purple or Jungle Berry. Please no spam accounts, entries and accounts will be verified.

8 Winners! Win a Personalized Penwizard Book 11/25-12/9

Sponsor: Penwizard
Are books on your Holiday shopping list? They're certainly on ours! Which is one of the many reasons this is a fantastic giveaway with not one...but 8 winners!
     Personalised books are great for getting kids involved in reading. You Can choose from our range of personalised childrens books and see your child in the pictures and story of their own personalised book!


Penwizard is an amazing company. They offer a wide variety of books for both little boys and girls. The nice thing about their books is that you can literally customize the books to fit whatever your child looks like AND put in their name! These books are so easy to create and order. They are also pretty reasonably priced. They range in the 14.99 to 19.99 UK (so about 30-40$ Canadian). Considering your child is going to be able to have that book for the rest of their lives thats a pretty good deal! Check Penwizard out HERE Penwizard has offered 8 fans a chance to win a personalized Peppa book for themselves (a 30.00 Canadian Value each!) Rules:
    • Open to USA/CAN
    • 18+
    • ends Dec 3/14
    • one person per household can enter
    • Facebook, pinterest, twitter etc are NOT responsible or liable in anyway for this giveaway
Disclaimer: Participating Blogs were not compensated for this post. No purchase is necessary to enter. One entrant per household, per address. Void where prohibited by law. Winner(s) will be contacted by email and have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. Penwizard will be responsible for product shipment to winners of this sweepstakes. This event is in no way administered, sponsored, or endorsed by, or associated with, Facebook and/or Twitter, Google, Pinterest. if you have any additional questions or comments.

Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Boys

     Shopping for 3 boys, 3 and under can be challenging! We have tested and tried many toddler boy toys and some have definitely stood out! While many toys look nice in the store, not all toys can withstand heavy play, encourage imagination, and fit in our budget. I have compiled this list of our top 10 favorite gifts for toddler boys to share some of our trials and experience with you! Some of these items we stumbled on, and others are tried and true favorites. I hope you find something here that your little one will love, we have these in our home and personally think they're fantastic!

 Okay okay, I know what you're thinking. It's wrong to differentiate toys as "boys" and "girls" toys...and that either gender can prefer or play with any toys. My boys certainly have some toys that would be considered /girls' toys, and I know some young ladies who prefer 'boy' toys.
      I did want to however comprise a list of toys that MY 3 boys absolutely love! These items have endured heavy play, continue to be favorites even as other toys enter the house, and I would recommend to anyone's Holiday list!! These photos are from my Amazon affiliate account (meaning I would get a very small percentage if you used them) and link directly to the page on Amazon!

1. Bruder Trucks

   Our gateway truck was this fantastic recycler that has endured heavy play for over a year! We have continued to add to our collection, and each truck continues to amaze us. I was familiar with Tonka and knew nothing about this brand, now I can't say enough!

2.  Transformers

     We have recently become a 'transformer' household. Finding transformers that are appropriate for my 3 year old has been really challenging! These small Rescue Bots are easily transformed, even my 2 year old can do them, and very reasonably priced!

3. Step 2 Folding Slide

   This slide has been a fantastic investment for our family. We keep it indoors in the winter and our kids have lots of fun being active indoors when it's just too cold to venture outside!
 4. Mega Blocks

     All 3 of my boys are crazy about Mega Blocks! They're everywhere. From building towers, to more complex structures, these inspire imagination...and for the price, they make an awesome gift!


5. Bounce House

     On cold days in the North East, when it's wayyyy to cold to go  outside, but my little ones have lots of energy...we have an 8 x 8 bounce house that they use indoors! Make sure to measure floor to ceiling and room size to ensure a good fit and safe installation, turn on some music and have a bounce party....indoors!
6. Tablet

     Tablets can be invaluable learning tools! From learning to read to problem solving and social skills....there's an app for everything! Make sure to get enough memory for all those apps and tablets like the kindle (black tablet) come ready for Amazon prime services and over 100,000 free apps!

7. CAT Trucks

     This truck is a huge hit with my boys. The baby plays with it, my toddlers play with it, and it's held up really well! The back opens and the top floor lifts up for great imaginative play! We loooooove trucks in our house!

8. Musical Instruments

     Music is a really fun activity for my kids! Weather we're having official music time together, playing along to music, or they're playing with these independently...these two items are huge hits in our house and have held up well!


9. Art Supplies

     These Crayola items are something I purchase again and again. The colors are beautiful, my kids love using them, and we have an entire wall covered in their artwork. Few things inspire like paper, paint and imagination!


10. Play House

     We got an amazing deal on this Neat and Tidy Cottage last year and actually assembled it inside! It inspires imagination. It has a doorbell, phone, door and shutters that open and close and a sink. It's also large enough that all 3 of my boys can play with at once, and it has held up really well. Assemble it the night before and put a big red bow on top! 

     That concludes our list of favorites! I hope some of these items have inspired you and...As always...thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Have a fantastic Holiday season a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and a Fantastic New Year!