Van's Back to School Giveaway $325 Value open to USA

     Who doesn't love waffles? I know we do! In celebration of National Waffle Day, Van’s Foods is sharing some easy and delicious breakfast recipes to make busy school mornings happier for the whole family. Quick and wholesome options like Van’s waffles offer protein and whole grains moms can feel great about serving and are so delicious kids love eating them. Van’s is also offering a chance to win FREE Van’s waffles, a deluxe brushed stainless convection/toaster oven and $100 gift card.


Pokemon Probiotic Pudding and $275 Giveaway

     After learning about probiotics, I set out to find Probiotics for Kids. Why? Probiotics are essentially the good organisms living in our digestive systems. These are needed to help keep the negative organisms at bay and play an important role in digestion and immunity. With the new Pokemon Go app out, we have been exploring even more then usual. New explorations means new opportunities for exposure to germs. In addition, many children are returning back to school. This change in schedule, potential stressors and interaction with others can lead to a need for an immune and gut boost. Here's how my kids eat probiotics, and they enjoy every last bite! You can find info about Family Flora in this sponsored post and at my affilate Target and download a $3 Family Flora coupon just for use at Target!

Tula Baby Carrier Giveaway USA/Canada ends 9/22

     Tula Baby Carriers are wildly popular. These soft structured carriers are a great way to keep baby happy and hold baby hands-free! Enter to win this TULA in Dew Drop Print below. This giveaway is open to both the United States and Canada end ends 9/22.


Soul Tai Mei Tai Giveaway Open Worldwide ends 9/5

     Love the feeling of a woven wrap but the ease and speed of a soft structured carrier? You may be a Mei Tai lover! The Soul Tai, by Soul Slings, is their version of a Mei Tai Carrier. With long fabric for the waist and shoulder supports, this carrier has a support panel like a standard soft structured carrier. A marriage of both the carrier worlds, Mei Tai style baby slings are wildly popular. Enter to win a Soul Tai carrier below! Open Worldwide ends 9/5, one lucky person will have one of their own!

$50 Baltic Essentials Store Credit Giveaway USA/Ca ends 8/30

Many parents enjoy the properties with amber jewelry. It's believed to help with teething babies, and many "crunchy" Moms have amber necklaces and bracelets for their babies. Where do you find quality amber? Baltic Essentials carries a wide variety of jewelry for children, adults and pets too!  The collection includes Baltic Amber and Hazelwood designs that are very trendy and are known to aid in teething pain and other ailments.  All jewelry comes with an authenticity guarantee.  You can read more about Baltic Essentials by visiting the review by Latched On Mom HERE.

Bambino Mio Cloth Diaper Review

     I've been cloth diapering for nearly 4 years. I started when my second baby was 8 months old and have been going since! We've tried different brands of cloth diapers, styles and I'm so thrilled that there is always something new and exciting to share. Bambino Mio Cloth Diapers caught  my eye a few months ago. Their patterns are very unique and eye catching. In addition, their brand continues to increase in popularity. Their all-in-one (AIO) diaper known as the miosolo featured here is easy to use, absorbent and comes in really fun prints. Take a look at our sample below and visit some of my affiliates to see their great line of products.

The Nursing Cover Reinvented

     When I first started breastfeeding, I thought a nursing cover, one that looked like an apron, was a must-have item. However, I quickly learned that it mainly drew attention to me with it's size tent-like effect. In addition, my baby kicked and flapped it around. I became comfortable nursing in public and will feed my baby whenever he needs to eat. However, during the summer months I often feel a bit exposed. I want to leave the house wearing a cool nursing tank, but when I lower the tank to nurse nearly my entire top half of my body is uncovered. In addition, there are certain situations when I would like a little more coverage here or there. I was thrilled to meet Lauren from LUCU Wear Nest Vest at MommyCon! LUCU Wear is the nursing cover "reinvented," and it truly is! It's an attractive garment, it can be worn even while not breastfeeding and can be worn with a soft structured carrier! Here's information about this company and my sponsored review.

How Bloggers Get Tons of Free Stuff

     Have you ever heard that bloggers get tons of free stuff? Every so often I'm asked how bloggers get free stuff, and how you can do it too. After answering messages and questions, I thought it would be easier to type it all into an article. Want to know how to get "free" things like a blogger? Here's how! I'm sure you've heard...Bloggers get tons of free stuff, right? I hear that all the time. Not just from readers, or someone looking from the outside, but also from bloggers. One Frequent hashtag I see is #gotitfree and I occasionally see bloggers bragging about all their free stuff. So, you saw this and want to know how to get all the free stuff too? I'll tell you all the secrets here, or a shortened version of all the stuff you need to know:

Summer Fun Giveaway USA/Ca ends 8/30

     In my part of the globe, the days of summer are winding down and we're enjoying these last few weeks as much as we can! Playing outside is one of the best ways to enjoy the weather. However, for little ones spending time in the sun can be harsh on their skin. This is why great products like an Anti-UV Suni sun tent from bbluv, sun protective cream from Les Produits De MaYa will help keep your child protected and having fun. One lucky USA or Canadian resident can win below:

Visit The Doctor for $1 From Home: How to Visit the Doctor When You're a Busy Mom

     As a busy Mom to four babies, I can't find the time to get to the doctor. I jumped on the opportunity to get a great discount and a sponsored post from Mums The Word Network and Amwell. I was able to purchase a doctor visit for $1 over the computer. I used Amwell for an over the computer doctor's visit. With doctors available 24/7 I knew I could video-call any time. To be honest I've been sick for awhile. I had a low grade fever off and on, some scary sinus stuff my saline nasal rinse wasn't taking care of and an occasional sore throat. The thing that finally drove me to find a physician was when I saw some small sort of lump on my tonsil. I thought I had something stuck in the back of my throat, but it was in fact a small lump from inflammation. Here's how I did it without having to leave my home in this sponsored post:

bbluv Suni Anti-UV Sun and Play Tent

     My family loves visiting the beach! We could spend hours there, playing in the sand and water. However, I struggle with finding ways to limit sun exposure. I want some shade for my children, but don't want to lug tons of equipment down to the beach. In addition to sunshine at the beach, we also enjoy playing outside in our yard. Using small pools and sprinklers, we have our own water park outdoors. Even at home, protecting my children from UV rays is important to me. I want them to have good skin health throughout their lives, and that starts early.
     Last time we were at the beach, I watched a family lug down a 10 x 10 pop-up tent. It looked difficult to setup and I worried that the wind would carry it and cause injury. Taking 4 children down to the beach, plus our gear I need something both light and safe. I'm thrilled to share these sun tents with you. They pop up and fold down quickly and are very lightweight. In addition, as you can see from my affilite, each bbluv Anti-UV Suni tent comes with it's own set of pegs and carrying case. It protects kids from UVA and UVB rays 50+, wind and sand. 

Emergency Preparedness Items Every Family Should Own

     Emergency Preparedness is simply being prepared for an emergency. The climate is changing where I live. A few years ago, during Hurricane Sandy, we had a giant tree fall and brush the side of our house. Living inland, in Pennsylvania, I never though a hurricane would reach us. However, year after year we go through power outages and storms every fall. Over the seasons, we've collected some items that are absolutely essential to have. It's an opportunity to camp at home and spend some low-tech time with our children. Here are some must have items and affiliate links so you can find the ones I purcahsed

Simply Baked Lactation Cookie Mix Giveaway USA ends 8/19

Do you need a lactation boost?  Many moms are concerned that they're not making enough milk. In fact, it's the primary reason Moms stop nursing. Frequently, it's a misconception about baby eating frequently, for long periods of time or difficulty pumping. Want a boost? One of the most common galactagogues you'll see mentioned is lactation cookies. No time for baking? Me either! Simply Baked is a WAHM business that offers Lactation Cookie Kits and premade Lactation Cookies, Boobie Bites, Lactation Cookie Cups as well as toddler Teething Biscuits and Daddy Cookies!  To learn more about their products, check out Latched On Mom's review and enter to win below!

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Pink Ribbon Baby Carrier

     I recently lost a friend to Breast Cancer. I lost a co-worker a few years ago and I don't know anyone who hasn't been touched by Breast Cancer. I am touched and happy to share this Susan G. Komen Ribbons Baby Carrier by Ergo. Ergo has designed this pink ribbon carrier, currently on presale, with the promise to donate at least $25,000 dollars to the Susan G. Komen foundation. In addition to the $25,000 donation, Ergobaby will donate $5 per carrier regardless of sales. In other words, if they sell 100,000 carriers they will donate $500,000! In addition to the funding, they are spreading awareness and education through both the carrier and a video that will premier in October.
     The original 3 position carrier, specially designed to benefit the Komen Foundation, is grey in color with with lining featuring the Pink Susan G. Komen ribbon logo (see below). In addition to the lining, there is an embroidered Susan G. Komen pink ribbon logo on the exterior. This ribbon is a well recognized symbol of education, support and goal to find a cure for Breast Cancer. Visit my affiliate at the Ergobaby website to order this carrier on presale and support (literally) your baby through babywearing, and support the breast cancer fight with it's symbol and donation to the Susan G. Komen foundation. What a beautiful carrier, both inside and out!

Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads

     After cloth diapering my children for many years, I decided to green my menstrual cycle and switch to Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads. Why? These pads, made in Canada with fabrics manufactured in the USA, offer organic cotton and are better for the environment, my body and wallet. They are free from chemicals, reusable and more breathable then a disposable pad. Reusable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads, like the Fabulous Flo series from Bummis, are super absorbent and can be used alone or with a Menstrual Cup. They won't end up in a landfill, save money in the long run and are more comfortable then disposable pads. Check them out below:

Thirsties New Prints Melon Party and Cactus Garden

     Thirsties released two new prints this week. Thirsties Prints Melon Garden and Cactus Party will be stocking at stores on 8/4, these will be hot sellers! Here are some shops that have announced they will carry the prints. Available in multiple options, covers, AIOs, newborn sizes and with limited availability, here are three of my affiliates to find these prints at:

$50 Momzelle Gift Card Giveaway USA/Ca ends 8/17

     There are many great giveaways happening during World Breastfeeding Week! Who wouldn't love some breastfeeding clothing? You have a chance to win $50 store credit to Momzelle! Momzelle makes a line or fashionable and functional breastfeeding clothing. Just fill out the competition form below to enter! Open to US & Canada. Must be 18 years of age or older. Void where prohibited. Giveaway will run from 8/3/16-8/17/16. Winner will be announced on this post as well as emailed. You will have 48 hours to respond or another winner will be drawn.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra Giveaway USA/Ca ends 8/15

     Pumping was challenging for me in the beginning. It wasn't until I learned how to use a pump the best way for my body, and got a hands-free bra that it became a past time for me. The importance of a good pumping bra can not be underestimated. Having both hands free allows you to more efficiently manage your time while you pump which helps you be more productive.  Visit Latched On Mom's review of the Simple Wishes Signature Hands Free Pumping Bra to learn more about how this bra differs from other pumping bras and how it can benefit those who pump.

Three Epic World Breastfeeding Week Giveaways Over $3,000 in Prizes 3 Winners open to USA


     Welcome to the World Breastfeeding Week EPIC Giveaways! There are Three amazing breastfeeding giveaways all valued over $1,000 each! As a breastfeeding and pumping Mom for over 5.5 years now, I know the value of a great product. Looking back this week and reflecting, What I Wish Someone Told me about Breastfeeding in the beginning and learning the importance of a Lillebaby Carrier for holding baby close and hands-free! I'm thrilled to share these giveaways with you! In addition to these wonderful prizes, there is a Facebook Live event at 9:00 PM EST on Thursday August 4th to share the benefits of breastfeeding, information and celebrate World Breastfeeding Week! Enter to win some truly amazing prizes open to USA residents below. Good Luck!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Giveaway $500 Value ends 8/21

     This is a huge question now-a-days. Is my child ready for a cell phone? My son is 5 and I ask myself that now, when will we get him one? There is the worry of when your kid is dropped off somewhere. If something happens at school can you get a hold of your child? What about the child having divorced parents and you want to get a hold of them? What about peer pressure? While most parents today managed our youth without a cell phone, the option is now available and many view it as a layer of protection. If my child is every in trouble, he can call me. There are questions to ask, to know if your child is ready for a cell phone. Sprint is there for parents to help tackle tough questions.

Huge Sale on European Wool Cloth Diaper Covers

     Have you wanted to try wool cloth diaper covers? They're perfect for putting over fitted cloth diapers for night time or day time use. Here's your chance! Get this limited time sale on European Wool Cloth Diapers covers from Humbird Cloth Diapers! Use the coupon code MamaWool at checkout and shop the selection from my affiliate here.

Blueberry OS Pocket Diaper Giveaway USA/Canada ends 8/10

     Do you love Cloth Diapers? Blueberry Cloth Diapers offer one-size Deluxe pocket diapers with a generous amount of organic cotton absorbency. These diapers are designed to fit 10-35 pounds and come in a large assortment of prints. Blueberry Diapers are Generously sized and with a super soft stay-dry lining, these combine the absorbency of natural fibers with the stay-dry lining of synthetics. Enter to win one below! Open to USA/Canada, one lucky winner will receive their choice of in-stock print from Diaper Junction. Use the widget to enter and visit my affiliate to see their selection and comment with the diaper you would choose! Thanks and good luck!

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Giveaway USA and Canada ends 8/22

     When you hear ring slings, the next name to come up is often Sakura Bloom! Well known for their quality, variety and beauty these slings are highly valued and sought after by babywears everywhere. Gentle Nest is a natural family boutique based in Manotick, Ontario: Ottawa’s historic waterfront village. Melanie specializes in luxury green items for women, babies & families. She carries a wide variety of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings in linen, bamboo and silk. Enter to Win One Below!

Blueberry Cloth Diaper Review

     I'm thrilled to share a Blueberry Diaper Review from Blueberry Cloth Diapers! This brand was on my to-do list for a long time and I'm really excited to test it out. I can't wait to share our experience with you! I have been cloth diapering for over 3.5 years now and we have tried many different brands, styles and designs. From cloth diapers for newborns to one-sized, all-in-ones (AIO), covers and pockets...I'm always discovering something new and exciting to try! Blueberry Cloth Diapers are definitely something you should see.
     If you aren't familiar with Blueberry Cloth Diapers, I hope you feel familiarized after our review. They are well known for their great selection of prints, design and generous absorbency. Here, I'm featuring the One Size Deluxe Pocket Diaper with Organic Cotton. This diaper offers the best of both worlds: Organic natural fiber absorbency plus stay dry lining. It comes with great absorbency, a really fun print my baby adores and a super soft lining. Take a look at our sample diaper below and find these diapers at one of the best diaper shops out there and my affiliate Diaper Junction!

Swim Diaper Review

     Finding a great Swim Diaper for baby can be confusing. What does a swim diaper do? Unlike a regular diaper, a swim diaper doesn't absorb liquid. It lets water and pee through, and basically keeps poo contained. Unlike a regular cloth or disposable diaper, they don't absorb liquid, so they are trimmer and airy for the beach or swimming pool. Reusable swim diapers are cute, save money and are great for the environment. Swim diapers are perfect for cloth diapered and disposable diapered babies alike! Here's our Swimmi One Size Swim Diaper by Mini Kiwi & Bummis, with the Made Here Promise and adorable print! Check out our photos and affiliate links so you can find reputable stores to see all the colors and prints this company has to offer.

$100 Amazon GC Giveaway USA/Ca ends 9/3

     Last year, my son developed a food sensitivity and a bad rash. We had to switch to disposables for a few days to use special cream. Finding a disposable diaper for my cloth diapered baby was a stressful experience. Luckily, even though disposable diapers are not ideal for my family, there are more environmentally friendly and more baby conscious brands out there.

Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers Giveaway 

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Breastfeeding

    When I dreamed of breastfeeding my first baby, I had no idea how to picture placing baby at my breast. I had zero exposure to other breastfeeding Moms: My Mom didn’t breastfeed, neither did hers and I personally didn’t know anyone who did. I did the next best thing. I read books, articles online and was determined to learn everything I could before he arrived. I looked forward to nursing my baby and providing liquid gold to the most precious being on earth. How hard could it be? 

Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers

     Finding Cloth Diapers for Older Children or Big Toddlers can be challenging. While most cloth diapers go up to 35 pounds or so, based on a child's shape and needs, a bigger size may be needed. In addition, Big Cloth Diapers are great for larger children, persons with disabilities, children waiting for potty training to finish and bedwetting. Here's a list of the best Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers including shops and affiliate links to find these items:

Grovia ONE Diaper Review

      The Grovia ONE cloth diaper is one of many products we've tried from Grovia. I was first introduced to the Grovia line with the hybrid shell and snap-in soaker. We also have their side-snapping AIOs, multiple Grovia Hybrids, prefolds, soakers, boosters and now the ONE. Each diaper in the Grovia line is remarkably different from the next and can fit multiple needs. The ONE is meant to be just that, the only one diaper you'll need. It's meant to fulfill every possibility from birth to potty. With the option to have both snap or aplix closure, diaper users can remove the aplix and replace it easily when needed. In addition to it's replaceable components, including the snap in soakers, this diaper is very soft to the touch! I can't wait to share our Grovia ONE experience with you, and some affiliates for purchase.

Baby's 1st Birthday Giveaway USA/Canada ends 9/2

Baby's 1st Birthday Bash! 

Baby's first birthday is a wonderful time! Welcome to the Baby's 1st Birthday Bash Giveaway, hosted by The Monarch Mommy. Here's your chance to win The Monarch Mommy's top FIVE gift ideas for baby's first birthday valued at over $150! The grand prize has the perfect items for baby and the soon to be toddler in your life! One winner will receive this epic grand prize from our generous sponsors! Check out the prizes and enter to win below: