Sakura Bloom Ring Sling Giveaway USA and Canada ends 8/22

     When you hear ring slings, the next name to come up is often Sakura Bloom! Well known for their quality, variety and beauty these slings are highly valued and sought after by babywears everywhere. Gentle Nest is a natural family boutique based in Manotick, Ontario: Ottawa’s historic waterfront village. Melanie specializes in luxury green items for women, babies & families. She carries a wide variety of Sakura Bloom Ring Slings in linen, bamboo and silk. Enter to Win One Below!

Blueberry Cloth Diaper Review

     I'm thrilled to share a Blueberry Diaper Review from Blueberry Cloth Diapers! This brand was on my to-do list for a long time and I'm really excited to test it out. I can't wait to share our experience with you! I have been cloth diapering for over 3.5 years now and we have tried many different brands, styles and designs. From cloth diapers for newborns to one-sized, all-in-ones (AIO), covers and pockets...I'm always discovering something new and exciting to try! Blueberry Cloth Diapers are definitely something you should see.
     If you aren't familiar with Blueberry Cloth Diapers, I hope you feel familiarized after our review. They are well known for their great selection of prints, design and generous absorbency. Here, I'm featuring the One Size Deluxe Pocket Diaper with Organic Cotton. This diaper offers the best of both worlds: Organic natural fiber absorbency plus stay dry lining. It comes with great absorbency, a really fun print my baby adores and a super soft lining. Take a look at our sample diaper below and find these diapers at one of the best diaper shops out there and my affiliate Diaper Junction!

Swim Diaper Review

     Finding a great Swim Diaper for baby can be confusing. What does a swim diaper do? Unlike a regular diaper, a swim diaper doesn't absorb liquid. It lets water and pee through, and basically keeps poo contained. Unlike a regular cloth or disposable diaper, they don't absorb liquid, so they are trimmer and airy for the beach or swimming pool. Reusable swim diapers are cute, save money and are great for the environment. Swim diapers are perfect for cloth diapered and disposable diapered babies alike! Here's our Swimmi One Size Swim Diaper by Mini Kiwi & Bummis, with the Made Here Promise and adorable print! Check out our photos and affiliate links so you can find reputable stores to see all the colors and prints this company has to offer.

$100 Amazon GC Giveaway USA/Ca ends 9/3

     Last year, my son developed a food sensitivity and a bad rash. We had to switch to disposables for a few days to use special cream. Finding a disposable diaper for my cloth diapered baby was a stressful experience. Luckily, even though disposable diapers are not ideal for my family, there are more environmentally friendly and more baby conscious brands out there.

Premium Bamboo Disposable Diapers Giveaway 

What I Wish Someone Told Me About Breastfeeding

    When I dreamed of breastfeeding my first baby, I had no idea how to picture placing baby at my breast. I had zero exposure to other breastfeeding Moms: My Mom didn’t breastfeed, neither did hers and I personally didn’t know anyone who did. I did the next best thing. I read books, articles online and was determined to learn everything I could before he arrived. I looked forward to nursing my baby and providing liquid gold to the most precious being on earth. How hard could it be? 

Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers

     Finding Cloth Diapers for Older Children or Big Toddlers can be challenging. While most cloth diapers go up to 35 pounds or so, based on a child's shape and needs, a bigger size may be needed. In addition, Big Cloth Diapers are great for larger children, persons with disabilities, children waiting for potty training to finish and bedwetting. Here's a list of the best Cloth Diapers for Older Children and Big Toddlers including shops and affiliate links to find these items:

Grovia ONE Diaper Review

      The Grovia ONE cloth diaper is one of many products we've tried from Grovia. I was first introduced to the Grovia line with the hybrid shell and snap-in soaker. We also have their side-snapping AIOs, multiple Grovia Hybrids, prefolds, soakers, boosters and now the ONE. Each diaper in the Grovia line is remarkably different from the next and can fit multiple needs. The ONE is meant to be just that, the only one diaper you'll need. It's meant to fulfill every possibility from birth to potty. With the option to have both snap or aplix closure, diaper users can remove the aplix and replace it easily when needed. In addition to it's replaceable components, including the snap in soakers, this diaper is very soft to the touch! I can't wait to share our Grovia ONE experience with you, and some affiliates for purchase.

Baby's 1st Birthday Giveaway USA/Canada ends 9/2

Baby's 1st Birthday Bash! 

Baby's first birthday is a wonderful time! Welcome to the Baby's 1st Birthday Bash Giveaway, hosted by The Monarch Mommy. Here's your chance to win The Monarch Mommy's top FIVE gift ideas for baby's first birthday valued at over $150! The grand prize has the perfect items for baby and the soon to be toddler in your life! One winner will receive this epic grand prize from our generous sponsors! Check out the prizes and enter to win below:

Flash Giveaway Bum Genuis Alicia Flip on Facebook

     Bum Genuis Alicia Flip Cover is up for grabs on Mama Banana's Adventures facebook page! Entries are easy as you simply need to like my page and my giveaway page, Cloth Diaper and Babywearing Giveaways! Other optional entries available. Click on the Photo Below to head over and Enter to Win! USA ends 7/20.

Tula Gossamer Print Giveaway USA/Ca ends 7/31


     Butterflies are one of the most beautiful creations in nature. They're the inspiration for the Gossamer Print from Tula. Who doesn't love a gorgeous Tula Baby Carrier? Here's your chance to win one in sweet Gossamer print! This is a beautiful print with so much beautiful meaning and one lucky Mama (or Dada) will win this beautiful carrier. Information below and some affiliate links.

Cloth Diaper Wipes and Cleansing Milk

     When I first started using cloth diapers, it seemed like a no brainier to start using cloth diaper wipes too. I was already doing cloth diaper laundry, why not wash the wipes in the same cycle? While I've tried several wipes styles, I prefer a regular wash cloth for cleaning baby's bottom. I take them in a wetbag dry or wet when we're out, use them at home on all of my children and enjoy the strength and cleanliness they provide.
     When I'm out on a trip with my family, we're not always by a sink when changing a diaper. Sometimes I change a diaper right in our van! To solve this, I take pre-moistened wipes with me in a wet bag or simply carry our Cloth Diaper Cleansing Milk from Les Produits De MaYa. Their cloth diaper cleansing milk, or ointment, is a thin lotion like substance made from high-quality natural ingredients. It cleans baby's bottom, washes clean from cloth diapers and leaves a layer of protection on a delicate bum. In addition to the Cleansing Milk, Les Produits De MaYa also makes Baby Safe Sunblock! Take a look at the cleansing milk below:

Protecting Baby From the Sun

     There are chemicals everywhere these days. After reading reports of chemicals in sunblock, I wanted to make sure I was using sunscreen safe for babies on my children. Why natural sunblock? Our skin is the largest organ in our system and it absorbs the products we use such as lotion and sunblock. I look for whole, organic ingredients, derived from quality and environmentally friendly sources. I took this sample from Les Produits De Maya Outdoor Protective Cream to the beach and want to share it's performance with you. In combination with other sun-safe tips, this sunscreen helped keep my kids burn-free and ensured everyone had a great day at the beach! In addition to the sunscreen, Les Produits De MaYa makes cloth diaper wipe cleansing milk perfect for babies! See our experience below:

Breast Milk Jewelry

     Breastfeeding has been a roller coaster journey for me. It started off with a climb and has been ups and downs, hardships and extreme amounts of overwhelming love and joy. I knew that breast milk jewelry was the right way to have a keepsake to represent the hours and emotional joy experienced nursing my children. When my babies are grown, I want something to hold. Something to look back on these most precious days and remember the inexplicable love I feel while nursing my baby. I'm thrilled to have this opportunity from Post Bedtime Creations and want to share my creation and tips on how to mail breast milk for breast milk jewelry and a Post Bedtime Creations coupon code! Here's my experience and look at my samples.

Fabulous Fitteds Cloth Diaper Giveaway open to USA ends 7/26

           Do you love Fitted Cloth Diapers? If you don' will! Why? A fitted is the ultimate diaper for well-hydrated babies and night-time cloth diapering. I'm happy to be cohosting this event! If you love fitted cloth diapers or are looking to try them out, you've come to the right place! One lucky winner will receive the huge prize pack of fitted diapers and wool covers listed below. Find some great products and a few affiliate links to help you find great shops carrying these items:

Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

     Ergobaby carriers are a staple among babywearing Moms. Like Kleenex is to tissues, Ergobaby is to baby carriers. I'm really excited to share the new Ergo Adapt Carrier Review with you! This carrier goes from newborn through toddlerhood and does not require an infant insert! Take a look at the awesome features and well thought out design. I know the Ergo Adapt carrier will continue to expand and increase in popularity among babywearing parents. It makes a great registry item and is perfect for parents who want a carrier that will literally grow with baby. It's also a great for families with multiple children because it quickly adapts to many sizes. The easy to transform design will help reduce babywearing mistakes and provide families with a well thought out and deisnged carrier at a great price. Check out our sample here and visit some of my affiliates to shop for it online.

Nested Bean Zen Sleep System Giveaway USA/Ca ends 7/27


     As busy parents we know that babies love sleeping in our embrace. In fact, my babies preferred to be embraced all the time. This is why so many parents love swaddling. Why? Swaddling helps put baby to sleep, but many times they wake up as soon as they are put down even when swaddled. After spending 9 months in you, they especially need your loving touch surrounding them. So much so your little one sleeps better when they can feel your reassuring touch. That's why the Nested Bean came up with (affiliate) The Zen Sleep System (Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack) that has been proven to increase babies sleep within 1-3 nights when using this sleep system. Read more and enter to win below!

Keeping Cool and Babywearing in Hot Weather

     I love babywearing, but babywearing in the summer can get hot! When it's warm out, I often feel a bit of sweat on baby's head and watch for signs of overheating. I look for ways to keep him cool, while babywearing, but often try to encourage staying out of our more dense and less-breathable carriers. Luckily, I have this Tricot-Slen Cool wrap from Babylonia USA that I have been using with my 6 m/o since birth. It's made from Jersey Knit 100% Newlife fabric. Newlife fabric is a high-tech fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. It washes and dries quickly, is ideal for water use and comfortable for both me and baby. While not quite a woven wrap, like our BB Slen Pineapple Woven, but also not quite a stretchy wrap, this carrier is in a category of it's own and I recommend it to anyone who wants to be cool in warm temperatures.

Lena Menstrual Cup Review

     I'm going green everywhere. From cloth diapers, reusable household products and helping to save the bees...somehow, I missed my period. Figuratively, not literally of course. After reading about the toxicity in disposable menstrual products, I knew it was time to green my period. During my last pregnancy, I started collecting reusable menstrual pads. After my post-partum cycle returned, I knew it was time for a cup. Why a reusable menstrual cup? Reusable menstrual cups are made from silicone, medical grade and don't contain the chemicals associated with tampons and disposable pads. In addition, they can be worn for longer then a pad and are great for being active and swimming. Reusable Menstrual Cups create less landfill waste and environmental pollution. As I also discovered, they're comfortable and easy to use! Here's my experience, some affiliate links for purchase with my Lena Cup!

Made in the USA Cloth Diapers

     While some diaper companies boast designing their diapers in the USA, and then export production overseas, some companies put in 100% and make their diapers here in the USA. Supporting USA Made Cloth Diaper products is important for many reasons. For starters, a company who puts jobs in America first, often while sacrificing the potential for lower cost items and a higher profit, should be noticed. Why? For starters, the impact on the cloth diapers have on the environment is even greater! Products don't need to take a trip literally overseas to get to your doorstep. This uses less gas from boats, vehicles and airplanes seriously reducing emissions. Also, products made in the USA offer a higher level of transparency with production, livable wages, humane working conditions and no child labor. So; What diaper brands are made in the USA? Here's a list

Stripping Cloth Diapers

     When I first heard about stripping cloth diapers I pictured a dancing diaper. Later, when I developed ammonia in my cloth diapers I knew it was time to look into this practice. So, what is stripping cloth diapers? Basically something is in your diapers that shouldn't be there. A build up can occur from many sources, and while the topic continues to be debated in the cloth community, I know what has personally occurred and worked for me. There are several sources of unwanted gunk in cloth diapers and different ways to remove it.

Tips for Wearing a Menstrual Cup While Swimming

     My first time using a menstrual cup was on vacation. I needed to go swimming in a pool and on the beach. I wasn't sure how to use a menstrual cup, or what to expect in the water. I looked out at the beach and thought there might be sharks, and feared the worst. Luckily, a cup is a great way to swim all month long, uninterrupted by nature. However, unlike a tampon, a cup is even better for swimming because it will not absorb water and the whole cup is hidden. Here are some tips for using a menstrual cup while swimming!

MommyCon DC Tickets and Bummis AIO Giveaway ends 7/14

     Sometimes I feel like a Mom island. Not at MommyCon! What's MommyCon? It's an event full of all things Mom and baby. There are events throughout the USA and MommyCon DC is quickly approaching! The event will be full of fun, babywearing, cloth diapers and lots of new products to see and feel. The MommyCon DC Schedule is full of so many wonderful things. Where is MommyCon DC? It's Located at the Walter E Washington Convention Center, 801 Mt. Vernon Plaza, Washington DC, doors will open at 9:00 AM Saturday July 23rd for general admission. If you have purchased VIP passes, the fun begins Friday July 22nd!

Using a Menstrual Cup for the First Time

     Using a Menstrual Cup for the First Time was a bit scary for me. I wasn't sure how to use a menstrual cup and was full of worries. I was worried it would fly out at an inappropriate time, get stuck, be messy and be painful. However, I am determined to master cup use and increase my reusable menstrual product arsenal to include both cups and reusable menstrual pads. I have been ready, with my Cups, and was just waiting for my cycle. My family was planning a vacation and I took them along just in case. Turns out, Aunt Flow wanted to go to the beach too! I had my first cup use experience via hotel, beach and out on the boardwalk. I learned how to use a menstrual cup for swimming and I'm convinced that if I can do it in this setting, anyone can! Here's my experience, some tips, words of encouragement and advice:

Humbird Hybrid Fitted Giveaway ends 7/4 open Worldwide

     Do you love fitted cloth diapers? They're one of my favorite styles! A Fitted cloth diaper, unlike a pocket or shell, is entirely absorbent. These are great for heavy wetters, extended diaper wearing and night time use. As part of the Summer Cloth Diaper Giveaway Hop my prize is a Hybrid Fitted Diaper from Humbird! Enter to win this worldwide prize, and others, below! Good luck and thanks for stopping by:

1st Birthday Bash Giveaway over $1500 in Prizes ends 7/10


     Let's all wish Conservamom's 5.0 a Happy 1st Birthday! Her baby is turning a year old and to celebrate she's brought together some of the best brands out there to celebrate. Check out these amazing items! These are the brands she loves and here kids love using ! TWO lucky winners will have the chance to win a fanatic Prize pack each! Check out the prizes below and possibly some affiliate links so you can check these items out:

LILLEbaby Essentials Hood Hack

     I love our LILLEbaby Essentials carrier! Now that LILLEbaby's at Target, these can be in the hands, and hearts, of many more families! It's an amazing price for the quality. However, as my baby continues to grow, I've noticed that I can't quite stretch the hood over his head comfortably. Unlike our Lillebaby Complete carrier, that totes a higher price tag, this hood has elastic loops to hold up the sleep hood instead of snaps. His long torso plus my short torso means his head is pressed to my chest when I stretch it over. When we went for a walk the other day, I was carrying him in front and he fell asleep. As I tried to stretch the hood over his head I noticed that it was a bit tight. I had a hair tie on my wrist and quickly adjusted it to fit comfortably! I not keep the carrier like this and it's perfect! Here's how I did it:

UpCycled Winter to Spring Wreath

     I was looking for a great Spring Wreath. I shopped in-store, online and just about everywhere I could think of. Most of the wreaths were overpriced and small. I found some for over $40 that were the size of a large dinner plate! In addition, they didn't look well made and were scant. I knew I could do better. When Easter was over, I was left with a bunch of plastic eggs. I thought about saving them until next year but decided to turn them into something else. With an old Christmas wreath I had in the garage, I created a Spring Wreath that still sits on my door! It's easy to see from the road, the dark green background makes the eggs pop and it was FREE! Woohoo, right?! Here's how it was made:

Must Have Items for Post-Partum Lady Part Care

     After my children were born, I was given a list of items for post-partum vaginal care from the Hospital. Four babies later, I know that there are other products out there that are amazing to have after delivery. Taking good care of your VaJayJay after delivery can help speed up recovery time, ease discomfort and overall make post-partum time more pleasant. My top items are below and I hope you can find something to help you too!

Caring For Your VaJayJay After Baby: Post-Partum Vaginal Care

     My first birth was an Induction/C-section. I put the slash between those two words because I've come to learn that a c-section often accompanies an Induction, and this was the case for me. I had both a C-section to care for and my VaJayJay. It was rough. I was thrilled when I had my first VBAC, but also had an episotomy, and then two more vaginal births. Surprisingly, no one really spoke with me about vaginal aftercare. I mean, an entire human being came out of my VaJayJay, you would think someone would have told me how to care for it! I learned, after 4 babies, that there are some helpful products from the Hospital, and there are some products no one tells you about! Let's talk about Post-Partum Vaginal Aftercare!

Wrapsody Breeze Baby Wrap Giveaway open to USA ends 7/10

     A Baby wrap is one of the most versatile ways to wear your baby. Woven wraps are long, narrow strips of woven cloth made from various textiles that offer different qualities on wrapping a child to their caregiver's body. A wrap holds baby close to his Mom or Dad, provides support to all areas of the body and keeps baby content. One lucky USA winner will win a Wrapsody Breeze Baby Wrap that's light weight and great for hot weather. Details below.